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PROGRESS - 24 hours of MMS

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Published: 13 years ago
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PROGRESS - 24 hours of MMS

OK - keep in mind I am no expert - I didn't even know MMS existed 10 days ago - so remember I'm just trying to figure it all out - I'm just documenting my experience - if I'm doing something improperly I hope you will let me know.

01.25.08 -1:30 PM... took first dose of MMS. One drop MMS x 5 drops Citric Acid, quick swirl, wait three minutes... sniff (- not as strong as I expected... but my wife thought it was really strong). I then poured in about 3 ounces of distilled water, swirled and tried to throw it to the back of the throat and down fast.... it did go down fast but I still got a a taste enough to make me pucker face in a rather emphatic way - my wife got a laugh out of my reaction. (I've since upped dosage but this first one drop dose was the most yucky (so far))

01.25.08 --About 2 pm -- we prepared a mix for topical use. We followed the instructions in the book part two - 10 drops MMS / one teaspoon CA . Then added half glass of water, probably about 8 ounces. Applied it with the fingertips and just gently spread it around.
The fungus had spread to my hands before I got the MMS Both hands -started out small area but spread to the whole hands - So being cautious of the wound on the foot, we decided to do my hands first. The itching subsided a bit during the washing but did not go away at first. I put some Aveeno on too. Slowly the next 15-30 minutes, the itching pretty much went away. After 4-5 hours I noticed a improvement in the way the hands looked - there were small sores surrounded larger areas of skin redness and that redness almost entirely disappeared, leaving visible only the bigger sores - and they look better too.

01.25.08 -4:00 PM... Waited about two hours - not the slightest sign of nausea or anything else.. (I actually thought it gave me a lift --- but that may have been at least partly anticipation). New dose taken - this time upped to 4X20 and again in about 4 oz distilled water - down it in three or four seperate, but quick gulps, then a little water in the same glass to get the rest and wash the taste away. This time, the taste didn't seem as bad... certainly not good, but no problem getting it down the gullet.
01.25.08 -7 or 8 PM --- my wife assisted me in a thorough MMS wash for the foot. The first external MMS for the foot. We also had a syringe, the needleless type that we use to squirt stuff down the dogs throat - and my wife used it to kind of spray the stuff on. Sorta like the car wash wand, but a miniature stream. That worked pretty good especially on the wound area, where it flushed off lots of dead skin... white flaky stuff. The MMS water mixture became cloudy after a while from the wash off material. It felt really good during the application - but burnt a bit after we stopped (before I dried off)
01.26.08 About 5 AM I had to crawl out of bed , my hands started screaming for itching...! it was a very strong sensation, that urge to itch that is maddening and sometimes irresistable - like always before - but in smaller areas... like when I woke up it was my thumb and index finger itching - not the whole hand (or foot) like before. I put some Aveeno on, which helped a little and tried to go back to bed. Then a spot on the bootom of my foot started calling and I tried to ignore - but NO WAY. I fixed anothe external use batch of MMS and applied it to both hands and left foot. After washing, again the itch subsided but was still there. More Aveeno.... waited the itching subsided after a while... but slowly and not completely and seemed again to start erupting in smaller areas.
I had originally planned to take my Superfood drink this morning... and no MMS till late afternoon - but - instead, about 10AM I took MMS again this time 6 drops - no nausea after an hour and I repeated another 6 drop dose. We then made a stronger batch of external MMS - AND THIS IS A QUESTION AREA for me. This time I doubled it - 20 drops MMS / 2 teaspoons CA. Mixed in about 8 ounces of water and poured that into bubbling foot bath - it's now mixed with another gallon of water in the foot spa, and I kept my foot in that for about 20 minutes.
The urge to itch started going away after drinking the 1st 6 drop dose of MMS - and after the second dose and foot spa an hour later, it was practically gone. The itching that is.

It's now about 5 hours later and I haven't used any creams or anything else and ---- I am not itching, scratching or sore.

It's weird, I know the fungus is still there in the skin.... I can see and feel the little bumps all over. Usually when they look like that is when the itching is strongest. But I just don't have that urge to scratch, that "calling" that cannot be ignored is not there!

There is visible improvement in all areas. Swelling is gone - the foot wound area is showing signs of healing, and it physically feels better - no soreness or discomfort when I walk now.

I feel that the MMS is definitely helping more than anything else I've tried so far - the are definite signs of improvement. And that was seen quickly with small dosage so far.... I want to get more aggressive in working up to a bigger dosage - but I have a event I must work on Tuesday - so I think I'll probably not go over more than 8 drops until then. I cannot miss that job --- but after that my schedule keeps me at home - so - watch out you nasty little party crashin fungi critters - your days is numbered!!!

-------My question now is --- I like the foot spa - but can / should that be a lot stronger mixture since it gets mixed into a gallon or more of water in the end? Or is the 10 or 20 drop mix enough?

Long post - do I go into too much detail here? Is this 'documenting" I'm doing an appropriate use of the forum? I assume it is but if it's not let me know. Should I continue posting to this thread ? Do people still see it down here?

Input appreciated -
thank you's and blessings!
- Rick


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