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God lives within ourselves
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Published: 14 years ago

God lives within ourselves

Religion, the word makes my skin crawl. Religion is the biggest and the most fasted growing disease on our planet. God does not live inside religion, God lives within ourselves. The roots of religion are evil, so many wars just because everyone from different faiths thinks (or knows) that theirs is the right faith, personaly I dont see how we will ever stop a world of hate with each other if we cant get rid of religion. Well it would never happen, after all its been like this for centeries!

One thing that really hurts me - People who are actually really lovely religious people and who are so kind and gentle but as soon as you discuss about another group of religion with them, or things against their faith, then their evilness shows so distictively, they can say such horrible things and hurt other people with their awfull comments, even kill people. Sometimes I just wonder if religion is the devils greatest accomplishment - Disguising evilness with innosence, bad with good, love with hate. People wanting to be good but actually being misled by believing that being bad is ok because their religion says its ok.

Religion numbs the soul of its true potential to feel God, God is an energy and every religion believes in an unseen energy whether they call it God, Creator or whatever they wish to call it. God can be seen through the love, the goodness and the kindness that we deliver naturally, I mean without means of any scripture bribing you into doing good deeds and making you feel threatened, that if you dont meet what scripture requirements are asking from you then you will be damned. Also if you are unfortunate to be in the wrong religion then you will be damned also! So as there are so many different religions, there will then be many of us who will be damned. Is this what God's all about?... No

We dont need a building, scriptures or preists to become closer with God or to become a good person or to feel appart of something! (Besides we are all appart of something very special anyway and it's about time people started feeling proud of that fact instead of feeling proud of being appart of their religion.) The important thing is to become closer with your self first, only then can you become closer to God. Be the best person you can be, do the nicest things you can do, bring as much peace to your life and others as you possibly can, love as many people as you can, but do these things because YOU really want to and not because you feel obligated to do so by God, God doesnt want you to do these things because he said so, He wants you to do them because You naturally want to. These people are the most Godliness of all.

There are 3 main things that satisfy the soul and these are love, peace and Knowledge. Gaining as much knowledge as possible is very important but many churches of religions are affraid of this. One MUST NOT become nieve of believing in religion, there is a big difference in beleiving in religion and beleiving in God. Some people tell me this is because their mind needs a foundation on which to lay their faith upon. This is because they havent searched deeply enough within themselves to realise God does not need a foundation to sit upon. Gods only Foundation is within ourselves, Its shown by the great things each and everyone of us does, and it shines! so bright, but people are blinded. They seem not to see the goodness and sweetness around them but they seem just to see the bad. example - someone has been nice all day long helping you move house, lending you money, giving you a lift in the car, then he puts out his ciggeret on your floor. This is going to affect your thoughts probably for a few days, thats if you havent picked up on any other bad mistakes from someone or something else by then. Did you remember the all of the good deeds the most or the one bad mistake? probably the mistake.

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