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Chronic Body Odor issues
Nemi01 Views: 3,223
Published: 13 years ago

Chronic Body Odor issues

I don't know if anyone out there is going through what I've been going through. But for about almost two years I've been suffering with chronic Body Odor issues. See I never knew I smelled bad. Because I'm healthy and take excellent care of myself, shower 2-3 times a day. Until I overheard people mostly on my job make loud embarrassing smart remarks- comments about the way I smell. Plus they would whisper, stare and spread rumors around about me. Its so bad that it has cause me to have severe anxiety stress and severe Depression and to constantly be harrass humiliated on a daily basis. my good reputation has suffered now ruined because of this issue. I've tried everything from perfumes, powders, lotions,diets, vitamins and supplements. I don't know where the odor is exactly coming from but it seems to get worse whenever I eat something or use the bathroom. I also notice that they could smell me from ten feet away. By the looks of disgust on their faces. I did see a doctor a while back and he told me to change my diet because he didn't notice an heavy odor through the whole visit. I did that. It was no use. To everybody I still smell so awfully bad. But some didn't feel that I smelled bad until others mention it to them. This has caused many problems for me. I can't go out in public, restaraunts or anywhere without somebody commenting on "what's that smell." Or pointing the finger at me. Saying "That's that girl that everybody says stinks." Well my family says that they don't smell anything and I should stop stressing over this issues. That people who act like that are ignorant and I should hold my head up no matter what. I've been doing some research on a metabollic disorder called trimethylaminuria? Does anyone out there have this? and can give me more information about controlling this?

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