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a letter from Jim Humble to a critic of mms (in case you missed it).

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ananda7 Views: 4,635
Published: 13 years ago
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a letter from Jim Humble to a critic of mms (in case you missed it).

hi all,

found this letter from jim humble to a crtic of mms. i post it here because jim talks even more specifically about the mms solution/activation---and explains the reason for the percentages,drops and the 3 minute wait period.

it is very informational and helpful for those of us on mms and those who are thinking about it. ANANDA


".......Can you feel the love? Well, not really, I feel pain in Bruce’s energy.

At my invitation to offer a comment, Jim Humble replies to Bruce’s first salvo
1/10/2008 "

the following is from JIM HUMBLE founder of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

Dear Bruce,

Some of your figures are correct, but if you specialize in intervention programs using chlorine dioxide and and acidified sodium chlorite technologies, hopefully you will probably understand what I have to say. I was a aerospace research engineer for 25 years before I went into mining. In both avocations I worked with chlorine dioxide and acidified sodium chlorite.

It’s a shame that people just start talking without engaging the brain, which means one should study up on what he is talking about. It is very important when something one says may prevent many people from using the product and thus from recovering from a great deal of suffering. It borders on the criminal. One really needs to know his subject. So far you are about the 4th person to start talking with no data.

When adding 30 drops of 10% critric acid to 6 drops of 22.4% sodium chlorite you have 51 milligrams of sodium chlorite in solution. Admittedly that number of drops could produce around 12 milligrams of chlorine dioxide, and would have a very high ppm in 36 drops of solution, but when you diluted it out by adding juice to it the ppm would be greatly reduced. And under no circumstances is the full 12 milligrams available to this solution.

BUT THE FACT IS, that is how much chlorine dioxide would be in the 36 drops if you could access all of the available chlorine, but you cannot access it all. In fact, when using 30 drops of 10% citric acid the total amount of chlorine available in 3 minutes is about 1 mg. Remember we are talking about 36 total drops of liquid. It does not get much stronger than this as the extra chlorine dioxide evaporates into the air. So even if you let it set longer the chlorine dioxide does not build up much. The citric acid is calculated to generate a certain amount of chlorine dioxide (which is 1 mg). The minute you dilute by adding the extra juice so you can drink it, the amount of chlorine dioxide generated is about 1 mg per hour. And when that is diluted by the body juices the amount of chlorine generated per hour is even less than that.

Sodium chlorite has a particular characteristic that makes it very useful. When it’s alkaline level is brought to an acid condition it begins to release chlorine dioxide, but not all at once when using citric acid . It releases it on a linear continuous basis for some time depending upon the amount of acid added. This doesn’t happen when you add enough HCl full strength to release all of the Chlorine dioxide immediately.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, you mentioned the HCl acid of the stomach. Then you jumped right to adding 18 drops of full strength HCl to 18 drops of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Wow. So we go from using 10% citric acid to full strength commercial HCl acid. A little difference, like about 1000 times more acid strength in the HCl acid. AND, OF COURSE, IF YOU USE FULL STRENGTH HCl ACID IT RELEASES MOST OF THE CHLORINE IMMEDIATELY. I’m not kidding about the 1000 times difference in strength of acid of HCl acid and 10% citric acid. So 10% citric acid simply doesn’t have the acid available to release all the chlorine dioxide.

Now what happens when you put the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement into the stomach with the diluted MMS and citric acid where there is also HCl acid stomach acid? Guess what, the HCl acid in the stomach is not full strength. It’s less than 5% strength. And then when that is added to the already diluted MMS which is diluted first with citric acid, and then with juice or water, there is no significant increase in the production of chlorine dioxide in the stomach when it encounters stomach acid. Citric acid helps the MMS not react to the stomach HCl acid. I’ve proven this in close to 100 tests in my lab.

Bruce the way you worded your objection you would have us believe that you have full strength HCl acid in your stomach. If you did, you would be dead. This is not data that is hard to understand. Most high school chemistry class students can grasp it. Rats tooks 100 ppm everyday for a year. That’s 10 time more than any human being ever gets even those who take way more MMS than they should. The rat tests will be available to read on my site in a few days. Anyone who overdoses will just throw it up if they drink some water.

So far all those who started talking before they studied up, just went away and we never hear from them again. My suggestion is that you apologize. If makes one appear to be much more ethical than just going away. And of course there are those who insist in the face of facts that they are right, and thus succeed in fooling a few more people into not doing something that will make them well. I apologize for being hard on you, but I’m not going to take it back because there are people who are hurt from this kind of data.

Jim Humble

"There you have it… Bruce sent another “cut and pasted” comment after these, which I promptly erased, although I have the originals. They tell more about the man, the troubled spirit, than they do about MMS. They don’t further understanding of how it works (or doesn’t work), or why. ...."

if this link wont click then just copy and paste in your browser.



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