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Re: Short of breath
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Short of breath

Shortness of breath and chest pain - I get these when I take some stuff that kills candida. I also get the adrenaline rushes, and get restless. Did you know that foreign proteins and perhaps other toxins cause the release of histamine? To counteract this effect the adrenals give out adrenaline, because this is able counteract the excess histamine. The adrenaline is enough to explain the chest pain and shortness of breath, although you may have a small amount of candida in lungs too, without having asthma.

So what should you do?
-take lots of pantothenic acid (B5), I take up to 500 mg per day, because the adrenal glands are stressed (adrenaline..), and they need way much more B5 than normally. If you don't provide enough B5, you will get adrenal fatigue, and feel generally miserable, but I guess you already have adrenal fatigue, if you don't take B5. B5 also helps with acetaldehyde detox.

-take lots of molybdenum - candida gives out loads of acetaldehyde, which eats up loads of moly for detox. No small amounts is enough - I take 500 mcg per day of molybdenum, and it is about enough to detox away all the acetaldehyde that is formed per day. When I kill the candida, it is not exaggerated to take 1 mg of molybdenum per day. You will feel when you need more moly - the detox of acetaldehyde produces joint aches, and warmth in legs and arms, because the acetaldehyde is transformed to acetic acid. If you don't detox away the acetaldehyde, you will get more fatigue, brainfog, and stiff joints, and generally feel unwell. Your body is unable to detox acetaldehyde efficiently without sufficient amounts of moly.

-take out your Amalgam fillings - I had only a single one, and it caused my candida, there is no way to recover permanently if you don't take out all your Amalgam fillings. I had an extremely violent candida detox reaction right away
after I removed my filling, that continued for months in waves, so I know that mercury was the cause for my candida. Mercury is a known immune system suppressor, individually also the amount of released mercury per dental filling varies considerably.

-alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is efficient in killing candida and in chelating mercury, and is routinely used to treat dental mercury poisonings, but it will certainly work for candida alone too. ALA is strong, so you need to follow certain protocols to use it, see e.g. the protocol by Andy Cutler, or you may mess yourself up. Officially the side-effects of ALA is thought to be mercury related, but I do not agree on this. It is more acetaldehyde related - when you kill candida they let off loads of acetaldehyde, so be ready with your molybdenum and B5.

-DMSA (a synthetic mercury chelating agent) is routinely used together with ALA, but it turned out recently (this is still not official information) that DMSA also has the property of being an acetaldehyde detoxifier, so it will be good against candida too, though not so healthy for the liver.

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