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Akashic Q&A: MMS Part II
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Published: 15 years ago
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Akashic Q&A: MMS Part II

The following is a transcript of an Akashic record consultation conducted by Douglas Cottrell. It is posted with permission; reproduction is permitted as long as it remains unadulterated and this notice is included. This information was obtained through deep trance meditation and should be used in a reasonable and practical manner.
(NOTE: any comments in brackets ([...]) are my own. BTW, more Akashic Q&A's are coming soon about other topics.)

Q: In a previous communication, you described the substance dubbed "Miracle Mineral Supplement", consisting of Sodium Chlorite mixed with a weak acid to form chlorine dioxide and consumed. Many users experience diarrhea, vomiting, or cold conditions when starting out, or ramping up the dose, which later subsides. Why is this?
A: Like all things taken into the body, which are small but powerful, they have a tendency to tilt and imbalance the body, let us call it "shock" the body- whether they be medications, vitamins, or substances like this, the first is a knee-jerk reaction. The body is 'shocked' somewhat upsetting the chemical nature of the body, and remember, small things on the inside make big things happen on the outside, and therefore that that occur as to diarrhea or other conditions- vomiting, feeling queasy etc. or even sickly, this does or has the effect of two things: one, to cause the body to work internally. The body go into a state of survival, and the secretions through the digestive and elimination tract are such that they are attempting to purge this substance that is foreign, unusual, or is shocking the system. Now as time go on, the body compensate and as such, there is need for greater volumes of the substance in order that the body would carry with it again an imbalance, or a desired result, referred to as our comment in "shocking" the body. The second is that it actually cause the body to remove the toxins and poisons that are within the self and as they accumulate in the small and large intestine, they go past what is called the "Peyer's Patch", especially if the body is younger, for as they are older, this part of the intestine tends to fade or reduce in itself, causing the body to be more susceptible to viral and bacterial conditions or sickness and aging processes are accelerated. But as in the beginning or in the younger individual, it tends to cause a purging or a surging of that that would be toxic substances, and there is a high inclination, a high level, of accumulation or purging going on in the body. Now when you accumulate many conditions that are let us say responsible for sickness in the body [pathogens], and they are put through the body, the body becomes sick. Understand the liver as something that would be as to a collector, and a storage place. Poisons and toxins are isolated or compartmentalized within the liver. When such a substance or substances, or medicines or remedies are involved, they release these substances or poisons back into the body. This causes great chaos to take place within the softer tissues of the body, from the brain through to the heart, though to the reproductive centers. And, because this cause chemical changes with the release of poisons in the body, the hormonal structure change- the glands begin to react somewhat overacting or underacting, depending upon their methodology or purpose. And as such, this would cause these reactions within the body- the more poison is extracted from the liver or other soft tissues and put into the system to be exited from the body, naturally the body cause itself to be sickly and attempt to expel in any way it can, these harsh and harmful substances, including vomit, fever, sweats, or perspiration, excretion through the ears as ear wax material, under the fingernails and toenails, through to the other more daily practices of excretions and voiding of the body in the elimination system [bowels]. Now, usually this is done or these substances are taken without any preparation to the body. This compounds the results or reaction. If one were to begin the cleansing process by using these rather powerful stimulants (or imbalances might be a better term), then the body should be already on a program of elimination. Not fasting so much, but here, drinking plenty of water, taking those foods that would help cleanse the bowel or produce an increased activity naturally through the elimination cycle as to physical congress [bowel movement]. Steam bathing the body to cleanse the pores- now what this does is it allows the body to react less, so that there is not such a violent or sickly reaction as the question describe. And also, depending on how eager these individuals are, we caution patience- that these substances be given in smaller amounts for the first 3-7 days, and as we have given, the body naturally adjust and use them not in a provocative or reactionary way, not even in a rebellious way- but in harmony.

Q: Which would produce the best results for most users- a sustained, small, 4-drop dose of chlorine dioxide, taken twice a day over several months or longer, or 15-drop dose taken 2-3 times a day?
A: The former rather than the latter would be much more in harmony with the self. But we would say that a middle ground between these two extremes could be builded up or worked up to. Depending on the physical stature, the amount of physical labor or athletic activity or sedentary activity for that matter, a rule of thumb would be that if the body is more active, then more drops could be builded up and taken sooner; if the body is sedentary then we would suggest it become more active and ingest lesser amounts.

Q: Is the chlorine dioxide consumed orally, capable of extricating from the body that which is adhered to the intestinal walls over time?
A: It does seem to be peeling as we observe the action here, that of the rubbery black substance without... yes, it does seem to be wedging itself between this substance and the intestine without causing any perforation or inflammation or bleeding. Yes to the question.

Q: Briefly, long-term, would it change the body's environment to an acidic state, or an alkaline state?
A: Depends on the medium that it is taken within. We would have it somewhat balanced, but slightly more to the acidic state.

Q: Is there anything else worth knowing about oral chlorine dioxide use that has not been asked?
A: As we examine some things here, we would find this would be helpful for parasites and other intestinal infestations. Also it causes here a removal of the good bacteria in the intestine, and therefore replacing good bacteria in the intestine after some prolonged use would be necessary. This could be done in a traditional sense with yogurt or, this appear to be 'eprisol' (sp?)- not quite the correct pronunciation here- and this would also place, as any supplement here, good bacteria or culture within the intestine. For the intestine must have good bacterial acitivity to assist in the digestive processes you see, whether it would be kelp or wheatgrass juice, these would be helpful in restoring the let us say desired bacterial activity. Yogurt is good, you may also take here sardines or sardine juice, that is to say the juice from the can. Watermelon would be good to assist the colon, the intestine, and also to relieve any spattering or spasms that may take place should there be a zealous use of this material and the intestine cramp, or go into spasm.

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