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Re:iodine for parasites
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re:iodine for parasites

Sounds like the pointy thing on your cervix is some kind of polyp, parasite, or whatever, coming to a head.

When you take anti-parasiticals orally, and they get into the bloodstream, parasites with roots deep inside you (sucking nutrients out of your bloodstream) will be forced to the surface. Perhaps the pointy thing disappeared and it went back to "normal" when you lowered the dose? If so, I would encourage you to try and increase the dose again, and keep it high for a couple of weeks, if you can. Dip a sponge in povidone, insert and leave it over night. I have used the povidone straight and it's a bit too strong for me, so I mix it 50/50 with distilled water. But using it straight did not hurt me, just made me a little sore the next day.

When parasites living in/on the body die, they surface on the skin to be sloughed off. Example is pimples on the face. They are caused my demodex mites. They burrow under the skin, lay their eggs, and die. It is their rotting corpses that cause the pimple. When the pimple bursts, their eggs spread to the surface, where they hatch out and mate. And the cycle starts all over. Apparently this process occurs with many kinds of parasites, because I once put on some rubber gloves and applied a whole bunch of coconut oil all over a friend of mine's crotch rash. The rash turned bright red, and a great big white head pimple with a huge blackhead formed almost immediately, on his butt, right before my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was very scary. This was a huge pimple, almost like a boil. I told him to be still, held him down and popped it. He screamed because it hurt so bad. The black head and bunch of stinky goop came out. It was disgusting. We really need help to clean up the stuff coming out of us in places we can't reach. It is a shame doctors are in the business of writing prescriptions to suppress symptoms, instead of helping people purge the crap that is living inside them and killing them.

I was once taking mega doses of bloodroot, Wormwood , green Black-Walnut hull and cloves. Two of each every few hours all day. After a few days of doing this, I woke up in the middle of the night and it felt like something was stinging my back. I screamed "Something is stinging me!" and woke up my bed partner. He turned on the light to look and said it looked like there was a stick coming out my back. When he tried to pull it out, it hung on and tight, pulled at my skin and hurt really bad. He didn't know I'd want to save it and tossed it on the floor. I couldn't find it. For the next few days, the stinging continued. I had my massage therapist look and he said there appeared to be a stinger still left behind. He pulled at it with tweezers. It, too, hung on really tight and hurt really bad when he pulled it out. Next few says the spot kept itching and stinging. So I decided to put some apple cider vinegar on it. When I did, it turned bright red started stinging and burning like crazy. I splashed some vinegar on my leg, no stinging and burning. I decided to put vinegar everywhere "that needed it" and started dousing myself with it. As I coated myself with vinegar, everywhere there was a reaction, a rash the in the shape of a shawl appeared on my body. It began on my chest, covered my neck and shoulders, and all of my back, down to my waist. This was no small rash either. It looked like I'd been horse whipped and hurt so bad I could barely lean back in a chair. I continued applying the vinegar as long as my skin reacted to it. It took six weeks for the rash to clear up and the itching and burning to go away.

My goal with the Iodine has been to take 150 mgs per day and I've been pulsing upwards. One drop is 6.5 mgs. The reason that has been my goal, is because that is the amount needed to get rid of mucous affliction in the lung tisse, and that has been one of my problems, since I started getting asthma in high school. Some people think Iodine will cure everything and that is all you need. It most definitely strengthens your immune system, fortifies your cells, and keeps disease from progressing. It also gets rid of a lot of stuff, but it doesn't seem to get rid of the bigger parasites like pinworms and ascaris. Using Iodine in combination with Anti-Parasitical herbs, however, has helped me achieve deeper levels of cleansing, and remove worms I had previously been unable to reach.


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