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Re: Post candida glucose intolerance
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Post candida glucose intolerance

With all due respect, "candida" does not cause dysbiosis at all, the fungal form is infact a byproduct of dysbiosis. Candida yeast is a NATURALLY occuring yeast that resides inside your intestine... Nature placed them there to serve the purpose of decomposing your body after you have died. Candida yeast doesn't cause anything or cause any problem until your ecological terrain is altered by anti-biotics and poor diet at which point it transforms into a fungal form. When your intestine is in a healthy state, your candida yeast doesn't merely suddenly transform into the fungal thus causing "dysbiosis", it requires a catalyst before it can perform that change, the catalyst in my humble opinion is anti-biotics and poor nutrition. Once your beneficial bacteria levels have fallen to a point where the yeast can gain the upper hand, "dysbiosis" occurs, and the candida yeast transforms to the fungal form. Ofcourse this merely applies to the specific scenario of candida albicans in fungal form, dysbiosis can initially be "confirmed" by other pathogens leading the way, subsequently followed by the candida yeast > fungal transformation but that is not the topic of this board, and who cares anyway ? The point being that there is an unfavourable imbalance of beneficial/unbeneficial bacteria that has led to a systemtic candida condition which requires treatment, whether dysbiosis was initially confirmed by another pathogen becoming dominant (subsequent to abuse to the intestine, which is the actual cause in the cause > effect mechanism) or candida albicans being the first to become dominant is of virtually no importance at all. At this point you generally have also aquired LGS, leading to direct access to the bloodstream, and you may also develop a weak ileocecal valve which allows the fungi to "crawl" up through the intestine into your esophagus, thyroid areas and oral region.

The only issue I have now is a minor glucose intolerance which is infact progressively improving, hence why I considered the possibility of a lazy pancreas and decided to post here to see if anybody had any similar experiances, so I'm rather confused as to why you dont believe my postings here have no relevance to this board.

Since I've become aquainted with a plethora of knowledge during my own personal recovery I've decided to formalise my understanding with the intention of helping others, which includes asking people what experiences they have observed/endured as I'm looking to build the most complete picture as I possibly can which requires consideration of every possible variable one can think of.

Earlier in the thread you also also tended to ask/imply whether I even had candida in your first post, then you have switched to suggesting that it maybe still there and I am tricking myself into believing it is no longer there... Candida is still there and is under control inside my intestine, exactly where it is supposed to be. You have also declined to answer whether you have used Colloidal Silver to help alleviate your problem therefore I can only assume you already know everything there is to know regarding it effectiveness at alleviating symptoms having tried it.

If you dont agree with me that dysbiosis, LGS and a weak ileocecal valve are the issues to be addressed regarding a full recovery, assisted by Colloidal Silver to alleviate the effects of a continuous flow of fungi throughout the body, then goodluck in your search for your solution.

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