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Aerobic 07 - a questionable report.
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Published: 13 years ago

Aerobic 07 - a questionable report.

Aerobic 07 [stabalized oxygen] is basically sodium chlorite in a more diluted form of MMS. The following report [in part] claims how the use of this form of sodium chlorite was used to help a patient with his problems of dyspnea [shortness of breath] and hypoxia [oxygen deficiency].

After review by boondoc, our resident M.D., and referenced material provided by JAB, this part of the report is subject to some skeptism, as the verbiage may be slanted toward the sales of this particular product. Thank you both for your response and critique.  

Example 1: "A 55-year-old male patient was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 27, 1999 with right-sided chest pain, hemoptysis, worsening shortness of breath, and dyspnea on exertion.

He had a history of smoking for 40 years, 1.5 2 packs a day. He claimed that he consumed 1 glass of wine and 2 bottles of beer a day. He suffered myocardial infarction [heart attack] in May 1999. On physical exam he was an obese man who appeared older than his chronological age. Chest and throat exam revealed emphysema and severe chronic laryngitis. Cardiac enlargement and hepatomegaly [enlarged liver] was observed. Extremities were free of edema and clubbing.

His blood gases on room air were pO2 61.9, pCO2 52.6, pH 7.39 and Sat 91%. A CT of the chest revealed a large mass in the third segment of the right lung that propagated onto the pleura. Around the mass, distelectasis and infiltration was observed. Pleural fluid or abnormal lymph nodes were absent.

A biopsy was performed and the initial finding was a partially undifferentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Due to the patient's cardio-respiratory status and the extent of the infiltration, the tumor was evaluated as inoperable. The exact size of the tumor could not be determined. …

The complete report that can be found by clicking on the link shows that the patient's hypoxia [deficiency in oxygen] was relieved with a nutritional supplement, called Aerobic 07 (Aerobic Life Industries, Phoenix, Ariz., USA). Aerobic 07 delivers oxygen directly into the circulation via the stomach. The dosage was 10 drops dispersed into a cup of water, taken twice a day, following the general recommendations of the manufacturer. The patient reported an immediate relief from his dyspnea [shortness of breath] upon taking the first dose of Aerobic 07. Four days later upon his discharge, the patient's blood oxygen saturation was 88%.

He continued using Aerobic 07 at the same dose for 4 months and for another 4 months at a half dose. The patient reported Aerobic 07 to be very important in improving his general well being. Repeated determination of oxygen saturation has shown a continuous progress.

On Jan. 3, 2001, the patient was readmitted to the hospital, and 350 ml of yellow pleural fluid was removed. Cytology found a few lymphocytes and macrophages with no blood or tumor cells present. This time, it appeared that his pleuritis carcinomatosa was subsiding. Blood gases were pO2 7.06 kPa, pCO2 6.40 kPa, pH 7.462 and Sat 89.1%."


Hypoxia literally means "deficient in oxygen."

Dyspnea or Shortness of breath (SOB) is perceived to be difficulty of breathing or painful breathing. It is a common symptom of numerous medical disorders.

Acute myocardial infarction (AMI or MI), more commonly known as a heart attack, is a medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted, most commonly due to rupture of a vulnerable plaque. The resulting ischemia or oxygen shortage causes damage and potential death of heart tissue. It is a medical emergency, and the leading cause of death for both men and women all over the world.

Hemoptysis is the expectoration (coughing up) of blood or of blood-stained sputum (mucous or phlem mixed with saliva) from the bronchi, larynx, trachea or lungs (e.g. in tuberculosis or other respiratory infections).

Hepatomegaly is the condition of having an enlarged liver. It is a nonspecific medical sign having many causes, which can broadly be broken down into infection, direct toxicity, hepatic tumors, or metabolic disorder. Often, hepatomegaly will present as an abdominal mass. Depending on the cause, it may sometimes present along with jaundice.


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