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MMS goes to AA meeting?
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Published: 13 years ago

MMS goes to AA meeting?

For those of us familiar with the improbable story of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , the name “Jim Humble”, his association with Gold prospecting, South African (Scam Central) story location, and his appearance in photos wearing mining clothes and a rumpled hat (instead of something clean and casual), probably raised red flags for you, just as it did for me.

But so many people raved about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ’s curative powers, that I figured, “What the heck” and bought a bottle.

To my amazement, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement worked! I couldn’t believe the results I was getting, nearly from the first day!

Fast forward to now. I’ve purchased and read the second Humble book. Watched all the YouTube videos, signed up for the Yahoo MMS list discussions, joined Curezone, and tried MMS on everything from shower mold to my Aunt Tilly’s dog’s tumor, just to see what other miracles will be revealed from this MMS revelation.

But I, like many of us here at Curezone, have been involved in alternative medicine for many years, and have seen all the bunk products and quack “doctors” come and go, most of them with a chunk of my wallet in their pocket. So I’m pretty sensitive to being ripped off, especially when the rip-off artists are promising to help our children or people we care about, instead of just ourselves.

But with MMS, we have a NEW wrinkle on the problem of alternative health care credibility. Namely, the people who seem to be getting involved financially with Jim Humble, don’t have any. (credibility)

Take Adam Abraham for example. His association with fraud-o-phile, “Doctor” Mark Sircus in writing a book about Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, indirectly links Jim Humble and MMS with the murky world of phony offshore “doctors” who escape the consequences of misrepresented and incompetent medical advice, only by the dubious qualification of distance.

Not only is Jim Humble’s reputation compromised by the Abraham/Sircus collusion, but this Sircus creep has actually CRITICIZED MMS from his tropical wallow in Brazil!

But let’s just talk about Adam Abraham for a minute, shall we? (herinafter referred to as “AA” – no association with the fine Alcoholics Anonymous organization implied or inferred)

AA has an erratic webcast interview program called “Thought For Food”, an apparent clubfooted inversion of the more recognizable colloquialism, “Food For Thought.”

Although it may seem trivial, “Thought for Food” makes no sense, unless AA uses his vegetables for doing his thinking. (True, heads of lettuce DO have more “organic” chlorophyll…la la la)

But “Thought OF Food” or “Thought AS Food” do make sense, and when someone with more than a 5th grade education first reads his program name, they are necessarily ALREADY wondering, “is this guy for real?” even before the program starts!

Moreover, first impressions do not disappoint when wallowing through AA’s Herculean attempts to inexplicably drag the “War on Terror” and “War on Drugs” and other “Phaelosophical” 80’s-pseudo-mystical rants into his grand arena of Tortured Logic, WHEN ALL WE REALLY WANT is an explanation of the simple, elegant, elemental chemistry of MMS from someone qualified to address the subject.

And when AA DOES manage to interview a REAL DOCTOR (albeit in Tijuana, Mexico) he forgets to turn off his Cell Phone , then can’t remember the question, then spends a couple of dead-air minutes trying, then fails to edit the whole mess out of the final product. (Note to AA: That’s what that little razor-blade-icon-thingy does on your movie editing program - For your memory… I dunno … might try chlorophyll)

But do you see what I’m getting at here? MMS does SO MANY THINGS WELL, it’s improbable to begin with, so instead of associating with quasi-legitimate profiteers (let alone outright pedophiles) Jim Humble needs to STEP UP to associations with reputable people who will ADD their expertise and credibility to his.

Unfortunately, some damage has already been done and this effort to release an hour and a half video of Jim Humble by AA, has ominous implications. If it’s anything like AA’s previous efforts, I hope there are AT LEAST pertinent chapter divisions in the DVD layout, so that AA “Phaelosophising” can be easily edited out.

Jim Humble did so many things RIGHT in a row. Discovering, experimenting, curing, and releasing all his work to public domain, so that it can’t be stopped by governmental or legal decree -- These were more RIGHT steps in a row, than many people make in a lifetime!

But without PUBLICIZING the discovery, all those RIGHT STEPS will go to waste! MMS will go the way of Royal Rife and his amazing 1930’s cancer cure. (as mentioned in JH’s book) Rife, just like Jim Humble, thought that once the idea “got out”, the publicity would take care of itself. And Royal Rife was ALSO surrounded by bloodsucking profiteers. But Rife was wrong….and millions of lives have been needlessly lost as a result.

Jim Humble, if you’re listening, do yourself – in fact, DO ALL HUMANITY a favor and LOSE the 1980’s bong music, pseudo-mystical psycho-babble, and loser hangers-on.

Think “60 MINUTES WITH MIKE WALLACE”-type publicity, think REAL EXPOSURE and figure out how to promote MMS. Remember: Lack of correct publicity is where MOST PRODUCTS FAIL!

And for CRYING OUT LOUD, would someone with access to Jim Humble hi-res footage, PLEASE PRODUCE A CLEAN, TIGHT, 15 MINUTE PRESENTATION, that can be shown to doctors, professionals, patients and anyone interested in JUST MMS?

Thanks for listening.


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