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Re: I seem to be falling apart :(
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: I seem to be falling apart :(

MD isn't going to help you, he/she will only medicate you.  You've come to the right place.

Barefoot has a website that you can access by the little green banner on the top left hand side of the forum page.  There's more REAL holistics on that website than in most 100 websites!!

The important thing is to STOP what's made you unhealthy ... that is foremost, your food and drink and start giving your body good building blocks while you cleanse.

1st - your body is 70% water if you're properly hydrated, so that is THE place to start.  Distilled water is water the way God made it, h2o.  You can go to Sears and buy a Kenmore water distiller for around $100 to get you started.

You need 1/2 oz of fluids each day for every pound of body weight.  This includes PURE water, organic juices and herbal teas only.

2nd - you need to eat organic, raw foods.  Cooking ANYTHING above 118degrees kills the enzymes and PRObiotics that you body needs for digestion.  Fruits and greens ... you need to make you diet just these things as quickly as possible.

Also, supplementing with organic, unrefined, cold-pressed plant oils, 3-5 tablespoons per day ... flax seed oil, borage oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, liquid lecithin ... only use olive oil for salads.

Begin doing body cleansing ASAP ... do them in common sense order ... do them THOROUGHLY.

1. colon cleansing - Barefoot makes Lower Bowel Balance for this.  Can begin this day 1.

2.kidney cleanssing - Barefoot makes Kidny Cleanse for this.  Can begin day 1.

3.parasite cleanse - Barefoot makes Dewormer.  Can begin day 1.

4.Liver cleanse - 2 parts.  Flush your liver (for me, this was until I had 3 flushes in a row that were stone free) ... then and only then, begin liver cellular cleansing with a herb like milk thistle. Can do first liver flush after 1 week of the other first 3 things here.

5.Lymph cleasing - this isn't a product but a lifestyle.  Drink plenty of fluids to keep lymph fluids thinned.  Dry skin brush to encourage circulation and lymph flow.  Do sitz bath (you'll find a wonderful pdf file explanation of this on Barefoot's site).  Gentle exercise like walking, rebounding, chi-machinc. Can begin this day 1.

6.Lung cleansing - MH makes a formula for this called Air Restore.  Go outside and take deep breathing exercises.

7.Heavy metal cleansing - eating cilantro and taking chlorella will aide the body in getting rid of heavy metal accumualtions.  This one should wait until you are positive that your bowels, kidneys and liver are working in optimal condition ... you know when this is because you feel better than you can remember feeling in your adult life!

8.Candida cleansing ... I've removed this from my list because if you're doing the things above, candida comes back into balance naturally.

9.Full body cleansing - this is juice fasting!!  Orange juice does more for my body in a few days than everything else combined does in months.  After your first liver flush, you're ready to begin.  When fasting you MUST keep your bowels working.  I use the Lower Bowel Balance for this.  One of the old Drs that CURED 63,000 people did it with 14-21 day juice fasting and cool water enemas with lemon juice in it.

Stay in touch and blessings!!!!!!


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