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Re: Cease & Desist Order No. 3
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Cease & Desist Order No. 3

he is unbelievable..I can't stand that guy and how rude he was in his communication to you.

I am very upset..I help a lot of people with various health problems and was linking to the save your life videos which are out of print and hard to come by as most people will not buy them on eBay but will watch online for free and maybe then use it to save their or a loved one's life..

These are very ill and dying people. Well, it had to be the rotten Biser that had them removed this week after several months or more up...I sent hundreds of ill people without hope there and now gone'''someone asked a question about Schulze on a popular site this week and I linked to these videos (usually the link is not so visible but this particular question could be easily found and I am wondering if that is how he found them or maybe he spends day and night searching for himself..and dang if I linked there today to try to help someone and discovered that sometime in the last 4 days all 12 hours of the save your life videos are gone..except one which does not work

All the many posts on various diseases etc linking to this along with other info are now obsolete..they go there and no first very first thought was Biser did his crappy cease and desist as I remembered how he did you before and others, Know you can't say much as don't want to overly tick him off but he is a greedy 'tard..caring more about money than dying people so desperate for this information.

He was given it by God to use his talents to help others like Schulze does Christopher did..and Jensen not to keep Sam in his fabulous house and on great vacations..someday his mansion will not be so great for there are many mansions p there and if he does get one in that pearly gate place, it will likely be in a van down by the river... A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER...

Since he is not even selling the videos makes no sense why he had them removed (I am convinced it was him especially after reading what he just did to you..I think it was his (alleged) quarrel with Schulze..he does not want Schulze getting any notoriety.

You always promoted him and sought to help others Tom..he is a fool and an idiot. Missing the real purpose we are here.

Just so very selfish..he will answer someday..maybe even have to account for all the suffering and deaths that could have been prevented had he not been so concerned with "his work" and more concerned with people. Very self centered person. He did do a good job on the videos getting the info from Schulze more than Schulze gets from himself and loved his old newsletters but he is all about the money..I think he also took down the making tinctures too which helped people easily see how to make them.

god, has he nothing better to do with his time.

Plus he looked way better before he did that cranial thing to his head. I feel like giving him a retreatment to squish it a little
Rhett Butler on him...I'm angry.

Anyhow, Thanks Tom.

Could you tell us more about the contents of the things you had to remove,..the general gist in case it is something very important.

I just hated the evil tone in his letter and you are are not making money just trying to help people.

Someday, how he did it and how you did it will be revealed for all to are someone who tries to help..he is someone who tries to help IF he makes money and lots of it by overcharging...the poor and uninsured and ill...and if he doesn't oh those in need. Just a horrible person...and this shows deprive us of this info is wrong IMO

But what were the things you had to take off and do you think he is responsible for all the videos leaving too. I was so upset I almost cried. Just today I read of a woman in her blog that made me cry all her suffering from metastasized cancer who talked of her little girl sobbing and going berserk when her brothers one of whom quarreled with his mom was told by the others that mom will not be around much she sobbed over and over crawling on the mommy will not I can;t link her to the save your life and its motivating hopeful message..words can;'t get to a person used to doctors like those videos and its stories did..Sam Biser robbed that little girl of something that might have saved her mom if I had the link and the videos were still there. I will try to say it with words but really just not the same.

Does he ever see the people who need the info there who die and suffer without it.hear the tears of their families...does he think God gave him this info to hoard to make a buck on.,what is wrong with him..he seemed so caring on the video...does he ever think of them and what a wonderful tool the computer is for helping the sea of humanity on this disease epidemic we are in nowadays.

No he only sees green....I can't stand people like that..he builds on the shoulders of others and then tries to hoard what he was given to give away..What if the knowledge of what herbs fixed what wrought through history and centuries had been patented and only a few who wee rich enough could know..that is in essence what he is are so right what you say about the poor, Tom....would he even have this knowledge..if generations before him had his attitude. Shame on him...some things are meant to be pubic. He can chose with his free serve his pockets or humanity and he seems to have made his choice. What will he say when Jesus says I was sick and you did not heal me.

I wanted to share info with this women racked with suffering and pain from horrific cancer eating everything in its path and the videos as I think she is too poor to buy them and now I can't and it makes me just sick the suffering she is having..these videos offered hope and in my opinion the save your life videos are the most useful and hopeful of all Schulze's videos for the truly sick and dying..they are motivating and Sam stole that hope away for some copywriting pieces of silver.

He has blood on his hands

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