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Hives!!! BUT WHY???
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Published: 14 years ago

Hives!!! BUT WHY???

Hello all, this is my first post here at curezone. Been reading posts on this site for a few years now.
Like most of us Iím finally posting because I have a problem that I need help with. I know the wealth of knowledge and wisdom on this forum can help me heal. Iíll try to make this as short as possible. Please bare w/ meÖ

Iíve had chronic Hives for almost 3 weeks now. Like other posts Iíve read they come at night around 9-10pm and stay w/ me till about 8:30 am the next morning. Very rarely do they rear their ugly heads during working hours (thank god!!!).

Hereís my story,

1. Had an upper respiratory infection that was bacterial. I lost 10 pounds in 4 days as a result of having a 102 temperature for the majority of the 4 days. When everyone else I knew that had it ran to their docís for anti-biotics I fought my infection w/ raw garlic and onions, oil of oregano and GSE. Oh yeah, and mega doses of Vit. C.

2. Resumed life as usual (work, kids activities, etc.) so it took me another week or so before I felt 100% again. My skin looked the best it has ever been (bouts of scalp Psoriasis all my life). And I felt the cleanest (internally) I had ever felt in my adult life.

3. Then BOOM!!! Hives started on a Friday night. I mean the angeodima kind as well!! So this coming Friday (2/22) will be 3 weeks of this hell.

After reading lots of the posts here, I first began to suspect Adrenal fatigue may have set in from the fight of the bacterial Infection because I was starting to get rapid heartbeat at work as well as mild anxiety attacks. I also felt a dull aching feeling in my mid back from time to time, but as soon as I started eliminating caffeine and Sugar out of my diet that began to subside. I also had a ďMysteryĒ pain upon awakening on the morning of the day the hives started. I got up outta bed and it immediately felt like someone was taking a knife and slowly stabbing me in my mid-back. Very painful!!! But only lasted for about 3-5 seconds. My first thought was ďDid some type of virus just lodge itself into my spine?Ē. But I just blew it off Ďcause viruses usually live and lay dorement in the lower spine.

All of last week I did a Sea Salt flush every morning and water fasted on Saturday and juice fasted on Sunday. Now I have a BM every morning w/out the Sea Salt flush (had IBS) all my life.
Iíve been trying to prepare myself for a Liver Flush (never done one).

Iím starting to think that while I was sick that maybe taking all those anti-fungals spurred a cleansing process and thus the hives began.

I donít know. Iíve spent hundreds of dollars over the past 2 /12 weeks trying different herbs and stuff. But to no avail!!!

I was wondering if anyone had some insight that might help me figure out whatís going on.

Is it Adrenal? Is it Candida? Is my Liver?

The only other thing I can think of is that a few years back I was at a natural health convention and there was a booth set up where a guys said that he could check the vitality of the different organs by a machine that measured the level of bio-electric frequency that it was vibrating at.
Most of my organs were fine, but when he checked my liver, he looked at me shocked and said ďare you an alcoholic?Ē I told him that Iíve never been drunk before and have never used drugs.

He said, ďyou have the liver of an 80 year old (I was 29 at the time).

This is why I chose to post on the Liver Cleansing forum.

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