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Response to #90515 - MMS "SCAM" blog
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Published: 13 years ago

Response to #90515 - MMS "SCAM" blog

Regarding Blog at

Dear #90515,

I don't know what I said to set you off like that, but I'm not very familiar with the "Blog" system here on Curezone, and when I try to click my posts to you, nothing comes up. Apparently you (or someone) deleted them? In any case, I can't read what I wrote, in order to know what you're talkiing about.

I'm not being critical of you, because I've been in your position -- too sick to think straight and too frightened go slow enough to figure it out. I had (and obviously, survived) a life-threatening illness when, years ago, I woke up night after night from a terrifying dream that I HADN'T DIED SOON ENOUGH, and our money had run out, so that my wife and kids wouldn't get my life insurance and be thrown out on the streets, fatherless, after I had died.

Fear of death isn't NEARLY as bad as fear of life when you're facing a long degenerative, debilitating illness.

So when I say to you that many people don't WANT to be healed, it's often because they've inwardly resigned themselves to their "inevitable" fate and they're trying to figure out some way to graciously accept what amounts to the last days of their lives.

But people here on Curezone, aren't here because the MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT has worked so well for them! We're all here because TRADITIONAL MEDICAL PRACTICE HAS FAILED EVERY SINGLE ONE US, for one reason or another.

Are we all QUALIFIED to give you medical advice? In truth, NONE OF US are! Even the MD's among us will never guarantee that anything you try here will work!

But we do have ONE THING that you can use. We write these posts with the freely-given good will to try to help you, in the best way each of us knows how.

When I wrote to you about the connection because mercury toxicity and MS, it's because I have PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE of someone who lessened MS symptoms by treating for mercury toxicity. As I'm sure I explained, I don't know if that's YOUR problem because I don't know anything about you! But it was the best advice I knew how to give.

Sorry for your illness, and I hope you find your way through it. And don't worry, I won't bother you again by posting on your blog.



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