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Have been actually witnessing the paranormal the past few years especially since moving in my new home. My baby has been seeing these as well.
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Published: 14 years ago

Have been actually witnessing the paranormal the past few years especially since moving in my new home. My baby has been seeing these as well.

I want to say that since moving in this home about a year and a half ago I have seen a lot of paranormal activities. It's not only at home either. Early on, when we moved in my current home, my baby was too young to walk. I layed him on the living room floor because my husband and I were laying there that night and watching some TV. My husband went to the bathroom and it was just me and my baby up. I noticed that he was staring very intently with his head tilted back at the kitchen. He would not move a muscle. He just stared. I got a little nervous because there was something very eerie about how he contorted his head back in an unnatural position to stare at the kitchen doorway. My kitchen is right next to the living room and we were laying not even 3 and a half feet away from where he was staring. Maybe a little closer. Anyways, I looked at him and said what are you staring at. I looked in his eyes just to look ( he has beautiful big brown eyes). I was not at all prepared for what I saw. I saw, with no doubt in my mind, a man standing in my kitchen doorway staring at my son. I saw his build, his hairstyle, and height. He appeared to be about 5'10, he had a very modern haircut, and he seemed to be blonde and he was husky built but not fat at all. I know that it doesn't make sense how I saw all of that in his eyes. But I swear I saw it and it wasn't just a quick glance and then I thought I saw something. No my son has big brown eyes and I got a perfect look at what he was seeing. He was just a little baby staring at this man and this man stood there staring back. I panicked. I did not know what to do. I wanted to scream for my husband. He was still in the bathroom. I just kind of froze. Then I looked up and he was not there. You could only see him in my son's eyes.

My baby before this incident would watch the ceiling a lot and then watch something as if it were flying around. He did this a lot. I thought it was weird how he did it though as if every move that "this thing" was making he watched. It happened for a while off and on. I started discussing this with my husband about how it was odd and then it was when the above incident happened.

He got older and eventually kept looking at one corner of my living room and one part of my dining room. He would freak out and start crying and point to the corner of living room or the dining room. This is the only place in the house he would do this at. Then he did something I never saw before. He would curl his little fist up and growl and point to the corner as if to tell me something bad was there.

My husband and everyone said it's possible he sees something and it's possible it's just a tree he sees out the window and then remembers it's there when the blinds are closed and just doesn't understand that it's a tree and not something bad. I will give them that. But I know what me and the baby saw standing in the door way that night.

Now fast forward and it was during the summer. My son broke a fluorescent light bulb. It dispersed mercury in the air. I thought it would be ok and stayed in the house a little too long. Long story short I know have severe MCS. We couldn't live in the house. I would get very ill and the kids were getting itchy. My niece actually got a nose bleed. Anyways we lived about 3 months in a Marriott Residence Inn. There were days that they said they were sold out and could not extend our stay. Those days we usually spent sleeping in our car because it wasn't always easy finding a vacancy near by where we now live. I did not want to be a burden on my brother and ask if we could stay with him, besides at that point he did not even offer, so we slept in his drive way one night. I stayed up the entire night and was reading a book that had stories of miracles in it. Anyhow I ended up reading a story about how a man had severe MCS, and like us at times had to sleep in his car, and had a horrible life. I found it so odd that I found this story that night when I was doing the same thing. I was so interested in that story and others that I stayed up the entire night reading. Finally I put the book down and leaned back in my seat. I noticed something moving in my rearview mirror and thought it might be a bunny or something. So I moved closer to my rearview mirror to get a better look. At that point I saw some being appear on my brother's neighbor's patio. This was shaped kinda like a human with a head and body. It however did not have a distinct human body shape. It was tall and it glowed a deep orange with yellow. It looked as if it were made of some type of energy. I freaked out! I screamed out to everyone in the car, "WAke the heck up, I just saw a freaking ghost!"

I have never seen so much activity in my life at that point. As a kid I had experiences of hearing things that scared the crap out of me but never was I a witness of seeing with my own 2 eyes actual beings. Ok so let's continue. At my house we have a guest house (we call it the apartment). We were in the guest house, I don't know maybe 4 months or more ago. We were all watching TV and talking and having a good time as a family. All of a sudden plain as day I saw a boy that looked just like my oldest son, it was a reflection in the window. Yet I saw it very clearly almost like a mirror. I saw a boy and it appeared to be my son when he was younger. He had the same clothes as my son and ran just like my son. Kind of a little hopping and skipping that I have only seen my oldest son do. It was his run and wearing his clothes. I could not see the head though. It wasn't like he was beheaded or anything gruesome. It was just like I was seeing only part of an image. Anyways you can see my house from my apt. and it appeared as if my oldest just kinda skipped, hopped and disappeared into the house. Again I was very taken back with what I saw. My voice got shaky and I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes and told my husband I just saw a little boy run into our house but he wasn't a live little boy. I didn't want to tell anyone it was my oldest son at the moment cause I knew they would get scared.

I know this seems far fetched but it's the truth. I may be off on the dates but the stories are real. I don't know what to make of this happening. I read on a website the other night about spirits wanting to appear in mirrors or rivers or something like that. And as I was writing this I just realized that all of my sightings have been in a reflection of some sort. I don't know if anyone has any experience in this but if you do please post it.

There are many other stories. Like last night I came onto curezone to read some and got distracted by a ghost forum on here. I went on to read some things and ended up on a website that was about hauntings and ghost sightings. The site was freaky looking. It had a possessed doll and other pictures. Anyways I started reading on the site and eventually the page had no pictures showing as I was scrolling down and reading. You could not tell it was a scary sight anymore because, all there were were words. My baby woke up and looked at the computer and freaked out. He screamed and pointed at it and grabbed on to me and his daddy trying to claw over us to get away from the computer. We were really puzzled because how would he know it was a scary site if there were no images up to relay that? He was absolutely terrified. I had to turn off the site and when I did he calmed down.

I know it seems weird but it's almost as if he sees and senses evil? I almost hesitate to say and write these things because, if I have noticed one thing it's that, when you talk about this stuff and watch things like ghosts hunters all of a sudden more activity starts happening. I have more stories but this is already long enough.

I will say my oldest son reported seeing a black figure in our apartment more than one occassion. He said that it flew at him and went in his body and "swished" around in him and flew out his back. It has touched him in the stomach at different times he said.
He also saw in another home of ours in another state a demon he said walking down the hallway in my bedroom from my master bath. He was so terrified. I had never seen him look so scared and he was extremely pale as if the life was sucked out of him. There was no faking the reaction he had. He said that I had just left the bedroom to go to the kitchen. And I did. He was on my computer playing his M&M's math game. Let me add he was not allowed to watch scary movies at this time in his life. He said as soon as I left the bedroom he saw something walking down the hallway out of my bathroom. His first thought was that it was me and that I wanted to play the game with him. He quickly realized it was not me and that I had just left for the kitchen. This thing looked just like me except it's body was black and grey. It had slippers on it's feet that looked like vampires and he said he's not sure but it appeared to have a black coat on and a grey shirt underneath it. It was walking down my hall from my bathroom looking around as if to see if there was anything that needed to be cleaned up. It then stopped right at the end of the hallway at my bedroom. He said it just stood there and stared at him. He immediately ran out of the room and stepped on something sharp and bumped right into me. From there I pick up the story and he did run and bump into me. I looked at him and I have never in all his life him look that way or act that way. He was so pale and sick looking. From then on he became very afraid and would not go to the restroom himself and to this day still gets scared at times. He also mentioned that when he looked at it he couldn't put it in words but said the demons mouth was in constant motion like it was shaking. He said the slippers on the demons feet were alive and their mouths were shaking and in constant motion with vampire teeth.

Anyhow I would like it if anyone could tell me if they have similar experiences. If they did what they got out of it. So far I must say that anything that happens with ghost seems to be to me, something evil.

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