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Video Embedded [video/audio embedded] MMS, Vaccines, and Amalgam Fillings
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Published: 13 years ago

[video/audio embedded] MMS, Vaccines, and Amalgam Fillings

There's a lot of people here at CZ that have difficult illnesses, the Debate Forums are PACKED with obsessive/compulsives who clearly need some kind of intervention, and no matter what we try, many of us can't find a solution that'll allow us to stop trying 20 different "modalities" at once, and just live life in good health.

You might not think this post applies to you, but if you have silver Amalgam fillings in your teeth, or you've ever had vaccines (that really narrows it down! you might want to read this, or at least watch the videos at the end.


I've posted a few times about Autism topics, and have done my best to fully answer questions as they arise. But it's seldom possible to give a full answer because it's a complicated subject, so I thought I'd post an Autism overview (that I can refer back to) that describes what problems my family faced, how we discovered what was REALLY wrong, and the results we've gotten from the efforts we've made. Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is our latest attempt at solving the yeast/candida problem, but not in the way that you might think.

What I didn't know about vaccines and Amalgam "silver" tooth fillings (and you may not either!)

Mercury is the 2nd most deadly biological toxin on earth, toxic to virtually EVERY kind of living organism, but especially problematic for humans.

During the 1930's, Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company started selling the "silver" Amalgam filling compound containing approximately 50% mercury which is still used by 80% of all dentists to this day! Reputable testing was never done, and although mercury had been tried and rejected during the 1800's as unsafe for use, Eli Lily silver amalgam fillings were widely adopted because were easy to work with, and most people showed no INITIAL health problems from their use.

But that same decade, Eli Lilly also released a mercury-containing "preservative" called "THIMEROSAL", to be used in injectable vaccines. Up until the past couple of years (2001-2006) thimerosal/mercury has been used in ALL vaccines, that did not contain a live virus. Since 2006, MOST children's vaccines no longer contain thimerosal, but all FLU vaccines still do and many specialty vaccines are still given to children with thimerosal in them.

Since the 1930's, each successive generation of Americans have become progressively more mercury-toxic than the previous, due to the "biological magnification" that occurs when a percentage of a mom's body burden of unexcreted mercury is transferred to her baby during the 9 month gestation.

Most people can EXCRETE toxic metals to avoid getting sick from mercury exposure, but there's a genetic subset of people who cannot excrete heavy metals, and get very sick as a result. Mercury toxicity has been implicated in every sort of "modern" disease from allergies to autism, from cancer to crohn's disease, from ADD/ADHD to Alzheimer's disease and the list of suspected mercury-implicated diseases grows every year......The problem for ordinary people is.... HOW THE HECK do you know what part of ANY ILLNESS is actually a RESULT of being POISONED, 24 HOURS PER DAY, by dental fillings, eating fish, getting vaccines, or simply breathing mercury-laden pollution?

A little history of my "HELLTH".....

About 25 years ago I was diagnosed with the early signs of Parkinson's disease. Although terrified about the implications for my young family, I wasn't particularly surprised to hear the diagnosis because I had family members die from complications of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease on BOTH sides of my family.

Of course, I was diagnosed more than a decade before the browser-based internet came into being, so sites like the Curezone, and groups like those at didn't exist, even in the dreams of the "Pirates of Silicon Valley."

Speaking of dreams, I had terrifying recurring nightmares that I wouldn't DIE SOON ENOUGH to prevent my deteriorating condition from bankrupting my little family, and that we would run out of money too quickly to allow me to die and have my life insurance kick in and pay for the mortgage and the kids college. (And of course, once I was diagnosed with an incurable neurological disease, the chances of getting mortgage and supplemental income insurance to cover them , dropped to ZERO.)
The problem with neurological diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's (and other diseases like MS, ALS, and CP, etc.) is that they don't even give you the RESPECT of killing you quickly. They take away your ability to hold a job, then your physical strength, then your memory and finally your sanity, until you're unable to do anything but look blankly at the faces of your loved ones, with no recognition of who they are.

Well, I did everything I could think of to live healthy. I read everything I could find about the disease.

I lifted weights, taught more Taekwondo classes (my first love since I was a teenager), took handfuls of vitamins, worked hard outside after work (we have a small farm) and tried various diets.

All of these things helped me feel better physically, but the progress of Parkinson's continued to stalk me like a leopard stalking an injured newborn calf that had straggled away from the herd.

Fast forward to 1998, when our oldest son had his first beautiful, normal healthy 9 1/2 pound baby boy. :)

I was so grateful that I actually lived long enough to see the face of my first grandson, and since I had physically conditioned myself, I was able to create some "work-arounds" for the symptoms of Parkinson's.

But after our grandson was born, he was given all of his recommended vaccines at the proper times and pronounced perfectly healthy....until he was about 18 months old, and had his MMR cluster of vaccines. (measles, mumps and rubella).

He came home SCREAMING from the doctor, and continued to scream, night and day, for the next few WEEKS. It was terrible to listen to, but his doctor simply dismissed it, saying, "this happens sometimes."

Well, long story short(er), we had no idea that 18 months is THE CLASSIC timing for the onset of regressive AUTISM. I had barely HEARD of the disease at that time!.

Later, we were DEVASTATED that our formerly perfect and healthy grandson was diagnosed as "Autistic" by the same pediatrician who ordered his shots. But we were so desperate for SOMETHING to do about our grandson's deteriorating condition, that I got a dial-up internet account and used the old "Hot Bot" search engine (this was way before Google was around) and came upon the "" listserv discussion forums, which had an Autism discussion group with a couple of hundred members!

And I think it was in that group, that I came upon this jaw dropping quote from the late Bernard Rimland PhD:


Well, of course, the doctors denied ANY CONNECTION between mercury (which was used in all children's vaccines back then, (except MMR) and the "ONSET" version of Autism OR Alzheimer's. (They still do!)

But since our grandson was deteriorating so fast. (no eye contact even to his mom, high pitched squealing and spinning in circles ALL-DAY-EVERY-DAY, wouldn't eat anything but milk, DOZENS of ear infections and anti-biotic shots) I was driven to AT LEAST TRY the recommendations of other parents, and TREAT AUTISM LIKE IT WAS REALLY TOXIC METAL POISONING.

Those years are a BLUR now, because we tried every conceivable diet, protocol, supplement, enzyme, and therapy, in order to reverse the deterioration of our grandson. But it wasn't until we CHELATED FOR TOXIC METALS, that we really saw progress in getting his little life turned around. It was after about a YEAR of mercury chelation, that we first saw progress with the other modalities we were trying. (diet, ABA therapy, supps, hyperbaric therapy, name it)

Since then, they had another son (another grandson for us!), and he too was autistic, although not quite as severely. But I've learned quite a bit over these past 10-25 years of dealing with neurological illnesses that doctors pronounced as "INCURABLE"

If you want ONE THING to take away from this rambling monograph, it's this:

AUTISM, ADD, ADHD, ASBERGER'S, PARKINSON'S, and countless other "MODERN" diseases ARE CAUSED BY ONE THING......UNEXCRETED MERCURY. Treating for anything else in these patients IS SIMPLY TREATING THE SYMPTOMS. There is no "complicated etiology" for the initial cause of these diseases other than the presence of mercury. But RECOVERY from these problems can involve any number of approaches AFTER YOU ELIMINATE THE MERCURY, if total recovery is even possible! (it's often not.)

Why am I so sure about this mercury stuff? It's because I've ACTUALLY CURED some of these conditions in my own family. MYSELF, and others, simply by chelating against the advice of our worthless pediatricians and the CRIMINAL A.M.A., which steadfastly denies that mercury is even a problem!

For myself, I realized that our grandkids had our genes, and that MAYBE Parkinson's was related to MY INABILITY to excrete the mercury in my fillings and shots I'd had over the years.

So I got my amalgam fillings replaced, did 4 years of chelation, and guess what?? NO MORE PARKINSONS SYMPTOMS! (I feel like cheering, just seeing it in print! :)

But before I show you the supporting videos, please pause for a moment and reflect on what this mercury problem means in the "bigger picture."

Current and Future implications

First, you have drug companies treating "we the people" like farm animals for their own profit.....knowingly keeping us sick and selling us "miracle cures" for the problems they know FULL WELL are caused by mercury toxicity that THEY are responsible for introducing into our bodies. (No, this is not "conspiracy" garbage, please suspend your disbelief until you watch the videos below)

Second, you have the problem of 80% of the people normally eliminating mercury toxins (from mouthfuls of metal fillings) into the public waste waters, which pollutes our streams, rivers, and ultimately even the food we eat as it works it's way up back up through the food chain. Net result? Every successive generation gets more mercury toxic!

Third, what happens when all these autistic kids turn adult age? (remember, it was only 1991 when the Hep-B shot became mandatory AT BIRTH, and vaccines became a major "PROFIT CENTER" for unscrupulous drug companies.) It's roughly 16 YEARS AGO that the autism rate started to rise parabolically, so the first flood of victims are just now about 17, ready to go into society on their own. (if they can) They are of normal size, strength and even intellect, but many (or most) are headed TO PRISON, because as their social incompetence turns to frustration, turns to anger, they'll become increasingly maladjusted, unable to hold a job, turn to drugs and crime to get by, and wind up in jail (we hope!) or more likely, homeless and desperate.

The COST of the "autism epidemic" is incalculable in human terms, but in strict dollars and cents, it's been estimated that caring for, treating, and incarcerating all the socially incapable vaccine injured kids born over the past couple of DECADES, will excede OVER 20 TRILLION (yes, with a T) dollars.

Do you have any idea where that 20 Trillion dollars is going to come from? And have you considered what will happen to the fabric of our society, when you have 1 out of every 150 boys, born in the past couple of decades, unable to fend for himself and is forced to live on the streets once his parents die? (if government can't fix social security, what do you think is going to happen with all these helpless kids?)

But don't take my word for it. Listen to these videos and if you aren't flabbergasted, I'll buy you a free happy meal from Taco Bell.


Dr. Boyd Haley, Chairman of Chemstry Dept, University of Kentucky on Autism, ADD, ADHD, and other neurological diseases, connections with MERCURY toxicity.

video #1

video #2

video #3

video #4 - Mercury Vapor still offgassing from 25 year-old dental filling

Dr. Mark Geier MD PhD, board certified geneticist and president of the Genetic Centers of America

Congressman Dan Burton in a congressional investigation into mercury/vaccines


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