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Based on my symptoms do you think I could use Iodine Supplementation?
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Published: 13 years ago

Based on my symptoms do you think I could use Iodine Supplementation?

Hi guys, well I'll start by saying I've had Allergies my whole life to a countless amount of things. As long as I maintain a candida sort of diet which I've maintained more or less for 3 years I feel somewhat ok.

I decided to go off of it recently just to experiment since I'd been undergoing some therapy for allergy removal, so I wanted to test the waters you could say. I'd started eating "normal" food you could say a little fast food, wheat, dairy and sugar! Well in short I had a major panic attack while driving at night on the highway a couple weeks after making these changes. It was brought on by an extreme fatigue I'd been developing over a few days and an inability to breathe, it was a sensation as though I couldn't get oxygen into my body, even though I was breathing, was incredibly frightening. I felt cold and still regularly do. Besides this I get some heart pain when these breathing episodes occur. My heart checked out ok and breathing seems to be fine according to my MD whatever that's worth, but I just feel like my energy levels are shot.

I've since gone back onto a very clean candida protocol diet. Even though I've done the cleanse over and over it's never seemed to eliminate the root issue. I'm starting to believe I simply have oversensitivity to many things and Candida isn't really my problem but something else. I've been reading about Iodine recently since it seems that this forum heavily supports it and I'm up for anything different that might help me out.

So in short my main symtoms are:

Chronic allergies/sensitivities environmental, chemical and food.
Symptoms of which are total congestion, energy loss and breathing issues and brain fog.
Feeling as though not getting enough oxygen, air hunger.
Chest pain over heart.
Cold hands and feet.
Speaking and hearing issues. I can think properly yet the words coming out sound as if I have a speech disorder, this connects to my brain fog directly though.

I've tested for iron deficiency and I'm fine there. I take B-Vitamins, Greens, Oils. You name it. I work in a health food store so I have access and take many different things.

Iodine though is one thing we actually don't really seem to have much info on or stock of either. I'm very lean 155 pounds and 6'1 in height. Iodine from what I understand stimulates the metabolic functions and I've been wary in trying it because I have 0 fat to lose and I don't want to start burning away what little fat I have in my brain, lol. Just as a side note I did try one of those skin tests for Iodine deficiency at a health show and it faded quite quickly, which apparently meant I was deficient, now this was about a year ago but I had some of these energy issues back then too, just not to this degree.

So let me know what you guys think, also if you think it could be anything else.
I've done a candida cleanse, parasite cleanse, liver cleanse. I zap a few times a week and I drink Colloidal Silver and pulse. So far none of these have really brought me any real relief, although I believe they definetely prevented a fair share of viruses from giving me the flu!

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