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Re: Exfoliative Cheilitis Survey: Fill Me Out!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Exfoliative Cheilitis Survey: Fill Me Out!

1-Besides the fact you have EC how would you rate your health

(From 0-10)

8 Good
2-When you first developed EC what age group were you in

(A. Under 10 - 18)
(B. 18 - 25)
(C. 25+)
A (17)
3-Around how many times do you get sick each year

(A. Never)
(B. 1-2 Times)
(C. 2-5 Times)
(D. 5-10 Times)
(E. 10+)
4-How many times a year do you get a serious illness such as chronic bronchitis, the flu, ect ect..

(A. Never)
(B. 1-2 Times)
(C. 2-5 Times)
(D. 5-10 Times)
(E. 10+)

1 every 3 years I would say
5-Have you ever had any other oral sickness other than EC

(A. Yes I was tested and they confirmed it)
(B. I think I have some kind of oral disease but havent been tested
(C. No)

Only dental classical problems (tooth decay)
6-Do you suffer from tooth decay

(A. No I have very healthy teeth)
(B. I have had a few cavitys in my lifetime)
(C. I need constant dentalwork done)
(D. My teeth are slowly falling out due to tooth decay)

C - Moreover some definitive teeth are not in my mouth. (I've got some baby tooth) - I'm 28 years old
7-Have you ever been diagnosed with or do you suspect having diabetes

(A. Yes tests confirmed I do have diabetes)
(B. Tests confirmed that I DO NOT have diabetes)
(C. I suspect I have diabetes)
(D. I doubt I have diabetes)
B now, but this could happen in the future - Indeed, my brother and father have the type 1 diabete
8-Do you ever feel faint and dizzy

(A. Yes often)
(B. Yes on occasion)
(C. Maybe a long time ago)
(D. No)

B - Especially when I was 10-17 years old. Now, I have got better control over it. I blanked out 10-20 times as I was a teenager.
9-Rate your energy level on an average day,

(From 0-10)
8 Good - Especially when I 've good slept. But, I think it's common for a lot of people
10-When you developed EC were you taking good care of your health

(A. Yes I was doing everything possible to maintain good health)
(B. I was doing quite a bit to maintain good health)
(C. I didn't ever worry about getting sick and didnt do much)
(D. I was living an unhealthy lifestyle but nothing more than people around me)
(E. I was living in extremely unhealthy conditions)

To complete your survey.
I used to bite gently my bottom lip when I was a child. But it always cured until the age of 17.
Indeed, that day I bite deeply my upper lip (but no blood). The ec started immediately on the damaged area (center of the upper lip)

It spreads to the whole upper lip in weeks and after 5 years approx. the ec started on the bottom lip.

I suspect bad reaction to Minocycline ( Antibiotic against acne)

During my recover try, physicians advised me to try cortisone based creams which extends the peeling area (DO NOT TRY PROTOPIC, DERMOVATE SALBE if you have ec)

About tooth decays (approx 20-30 treated). First the dentist used Amalgam (metallic) filling then because I had ec. he accepted to remove those Amalgam and to put white plastic. It take a lot of time (6 months approx.) because 15 days between appointments should be kept to preserve from excess of toxin involved by the Amalgam replacement.

To complete your survey, I would be interested to know if people with ec can breath easily with the nose, because for me it seems to be more difficult than average people.

If they have taken any drug against Acne (Mynocycline, or other...)

Thanks for your survey.

Bye bye


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