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Re: ok I have been hovering but, could use some wisdom..please!O/T

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: ok I have been hovering but, could use some wisdom..please!O/T


Why is it OK for you to be intolerant of my position and to voice your opposition here, but I'm to keep my mouth shut?

That's not fair at all.

Are we not allowed to speak about the spiritual aspects of Water Fasting on this forum?

Mickie claims to be a born-again Christian, making her my sister in Christ. That means I have a different responsibility to her than you do. You are putting your nose in unfamiliar territory. It would be like me telling you how to raise your kids.

The Bible is very clear that I have a responsibility to admonish fellow Christians when needed. That might not sound nice, but there are probably ten thousand examples of it in the Bible. One good one is John the Baptist. He told Herod that it was unlawful (unbiblical) to take his brother's wife as his own. Herod could have said, that's just your interpretation. But instead, he cut off John's head. Should John have kept his mouth shut? Or should he obey his Lord?

My word is in fact God's word. I will support all of my doctrine with the Holy Scriptures and I am prepared to answer to God on Judgment Day for my firm stand. The Bible commands me, as a Christian, to have the mind of Christ.

Actually, I used to be the kind of Christian you want me to be. Weak and undiscerning. God showed me through his scripture that such a position is very, very sinful.

I do understand that you find the Gospel offensive and am sensitive to that fact, but all men must submit to it or suffer eternal consequences. Nobody wants to consider themselves a sinner and unworthy, but by giving you this "offensive" message, I'm actually showing my love for you. There is hope for glorious life to come. This life here on earth is simply a test. Let's not major on the minors.

Isn't it similar to telling people about fasting? You KNOW your right about fasting, but when you tell most people about it, you get ridiculed. It offends most people to think that they should deny their desires, especially food.

As you said, Christ died for all, but not all accept the gift. As you may well know, the gift is accepted by faith. As Christ said to Nicodemus, one of the premier religious leaders of the time, "ye must be born again".

Why would God let people into Heaven that didn't speak to him once in their lives? Why would he allow people into Heaven that insisted that He didn't exist. Why would he allow people to live in Heaven that considered Him a LIAR by rejecting the sacrifice that he paid on the cross?

If somebody hates you, you wouldn't let them in your house. God is no different.

I would hope that you realize that unconditional tolerance, which seem to be what you're demanding of me, is actually a sign of mental illness. It would also be hypocritical to demand that I be tolerant. In doing so, that is intolerant.

I would also hope that if any Christians here on the board want to discuss the spiritual aspects of fasting, including prayer, that we would be allowed to do so. Am I wrong?

Nobody has to read any posts that they don't want to, whether there is an O/T or not.

Finally, Fonty, I would like to challenge you to read the Bible for yourself. Not viewing Christianity through any biases you've obtained throughout your life, but finding out for yourself what the Bible actually says. One verse is this: "Let God be true and every man a liar". That means don't believe me. Don't believe any clergy. Don't trust anybody when it comes to your soul and the souls of your children. Go straight to the source and find out for yourself. Should you accept this challenge, I would recommend starting in the book of Romans and using a King James bible.

I hope you can realize, strange as it may sound, that I take the time to post this kind of stuff out of a true concern for my fellow man. I know it is not something that strokes anybodies ego, but is only out of a desire to help that I take the time to do this. I hope you can be tolerant of my position, or perhaps just not read it.

Personally, I have had to humble myself many times before the Lord. First, when I was saved, having to admit that I was a sinner and needed Christ's sacrifice to have eternal life. Then I had to realize that many of the things I did in my life and the "mainstream Christian" beliefs I held were not pleasing to God. I had to sacrifice countless hours studying God's word to find out what He truly said. And it continues to this day.

If all this is upsetting enough to warrant ridicule, I will accept said ridicule with thanksgiving.

Best wishes to you all. I will continue to enjoy our discussions of fasting, and the occasional spiritual thread hijacking as well.


I'll be praying for your situation. I hope you find a strong, conservative church to give you the support you need in this extremely difficult time. I believe that with much prayer and fasting, your situation can improve. There is much more than just that, though. The laying-on of hands and the anointing of oil by the elders is also a Biblical imperative. Living a life of Holiness as well is necessary.

I believe my health problems were a way of God getting my attention. It worked well. As miserable as they are, my health problems are a blessing from God: a not-so-subtle chastisement from God to focus my life on Him and not on all the stuff going on around me.

Your situation could be very similar. I pray that these trials bring you closer to your Creator.

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