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Re: DOUBLE o/t
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: DOUBLE o/t

Hello all,

Not to resurrect this topic, but it' appears everybody is so interested in it that they all want to chime in.

NOTICE: I have placed "DOUBLE o/t" in the heading so that nobody who is easily offended has to READ ANY FURTHER.

If you wish to divert your browser away from the following content and fear getting sucked in, please click here:


"What I particularly object to, is to have someone elses personal beliefs rammed down my throat, as if that is the ONLY way: YOU may think it is the only way, BUT, that doesn't necessarily apply to all the other members.
My own view, is that a persons religion should be a private affair as a personal belief system, which should not be subjected to others as dogma."

First, I didn't "RAM" anything down anybody's throat. I can't believe you'd say that. Libertarians have a saying, "you have the right to not be offended." Other than being insecure in your own position, I can't think of any other reason for you to feel attacked or offended in anything I have to say.

You mention your own view above. Why is your view valid to post here but not mine? I've asked this repeatedly, yet no one will answer.

What is the point that Shelton abandon his Christian upbringing? This is fallacious argument.


If people have misbehaved in the name of God, rejecting God on that basis would also be fallacious.

Of anybody on the forum, it is of yourself and Chris that I would expect a higher level of reasoning from. Your personal beliefs are one thing, but supporting them with illogical arguments, come on guys! If you want to talk about getting offended by something, then I am certainly offended that you think you can "steer me straight" with fallacious logic and personal opinions. I'm far too scientific for that.


Please, feel free to exercise your individual right to not be offended at anything I say. Are your REALLY that sensitive? I don't think the monks need you to be their champion.

Do you all realize how silly you sound..."oh I'm so offended, I'm so offended". Grow up. Let's behave like adults and have an open conversation without injecting our personal feelings into it.

I find it appalling that a group of mature adults are so quick to be offended at the drop of a had. I find it more appalling that those same people find it anything less than hypocritical to openly attack my personal position and insist that I don't do the same.


"It is wrong to make personal jabs at another person."

First of all, by saying that, you just made a personal jab at me, and I am deeply offended. Oh, wait, I'm not. I'm too grown-up for that.

Second of all, who are you to say? Some people certainly need to be ridiculed. On this forum, apparently that person is me.

To accuse me of being off-topic is also an attack. My original post that drew so much hate, was on-topic. If you'll check back, it was dealing with a spiritual aspect of fasting. Unless you have a way of proving me wrong in what I said, you would just be acting intolerant to object to me posting my opinion.

Furthermore, for you all to say that you don't like the "spirit" of my post, that is the tone of it, doesn't make the post any more or less legitimate. Maybe I'm just blunt. Nothing wrong with that.


"Athiests can be loving, kind, individuals. It doesn't follow that not believing in god, makes them bad or sinful."

Sin as defined is anything going contrary to the will of God. Rejecting God's existence would be the worst sin of all, by definition that is.

Also, what does your sister have to do with anything? Or Catholic priests? (please don't get me started on the Catholic church, let's not go there).

"I for one will not be reading any more of your posts."

Bling, that's your right. Go ahead and throw out the baby with the bath water. I've done an extensive amount of fasting and research and study regarding the subject. If you wish to say that you don't agree with my views of religion and therefore you think I have nothing valid to say regarding fasting, well it's your loss.

For those of you who believe tolerance is the only way, I would like to see you all practice what you preach. PLEASE, I'm begging.

In conclusion, Chris, your final post borders on brilliant. I would just like to add a little bit to it:

"God came to save the unrighteous.............NOT the righteous.

I agree with the thrust of your post towards golthing.

It is what is in your heart that really matters."

First you say that "God came to save the unrighteous.............NOT the righteous." This couldn't be more true. I would just like to add:

Romans 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

that means we are ALL in need of saving.

Finally you write, "It is what is in your heart that really matters."

This is also very true. Might I add:

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?

That is why I realized that what needed to be in my heart is Jesus Christ.

Please everybody, have the decency to extend me the level of tolerance that you all expect for yourselves. And please, feel free not to be offended by my words. You're giving me too big of an ego by letting my humble opinions effect you all so very deeply.

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