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Ulcerative colitis update
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Published: 13 years ago
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Ulcerative colitis update

Here is my message that I posted yesterday on and wanted to post here too

"Hello all,

I post here my testimony since Barbara asked me to do so and I feel that I own it to other sufferers since I also have been helped by others.
Excuse me for any possible linguistic mistake, but I’m from Greece and English is a foreign language for me.

I was diagnosed with having Ulcerative Colitis in 2005 although suffered the symptoms since the beginning of 2004 after a course of 2 Antibiotics .

First I went to some doctors of the western medicine with no results. In reality one of them made my condition worse.

Later on I tried Homeopathy with no results again. After that I tried some Chinese supplements in conjunction with restricted diet based on the blood type. Some minor only results were noticed and abandoned this method 5 months later.

This period was when I heard about a naturopath that has cured many here from Colitis (all kinds). I did whatever he told me. Basically it was a combination of proper diet, nutritional healing and some other things. He helped me overcome almost all my symptoms that were intestinal bleeding, anemia, weakness, loss of weight and anorexia, and to some point some food allergies .

In the meantime I have tried some other methods/supplements to increase the healing rate but to no avail.(such as vit E enema, Human Probiotic Infusion , Ayurvedic products and many many others with more or less relieve of the symptoms).
But at the end of May of the previous year my bleeding begun again, increasing successively my food allergies . I said “ oh no again the same”. I was very depressed all those year about that and especially in that later period that the symptoms have returned.

My doctor was abroad for months, so I tried to do something on my own I traveled to Germany for a QXCI/SCIO test and it revealed Mercury toxicity from Amalgam fillings(I knew it and replaced them 1 year ago with composites), some parasites from pets, some kinds of amoebas and some viri as well as other things.

I searched hard and found that a Zapper may help me solve this out killing all those critters inside me.. Although I knew about that device 2 yrs earlier I discredited it, considering it couldn’t do anything for my condition. How foolish of me! I then ordered a Zapper from e-bay for $65 and starting using it. Dr Hulda Regehr Clark Says it takes 3 weeks at least for the frequencies to reach deeply in the intestines. She is so right about that. In the 3rd day on the Zapper some intestinal fluids mixed with serum stopped from pouring out of my colon. It was the first miracle. For the first 5 days I had diarrhea since the bad bacteria, protozoa, viri and fungi were killed. When the time was passing the bleeding was also disappearing. In 3 weeks the waterfalls of my bleeding stopped. But there was just a tiny drop of blood every time I had a bowel movement. My bleeding had almost stopped , but the pain was still there, as were the food allergies too.

So I decided to try something different to see if I can cure this condition once and forever. In they were discussing lately much about a substance that is called Sodium Chlorite and its potential to kill even the most stubborn infections. I again ordered 2 bottles from e-bay and started this protocol (please read about the activation of this product before considering trying it). In the first couple of days I had once again diarrhea and this tiny drop of blood stopped totally from coming out on the stools. Today it’s March 20th 2008 and since December 10th of 2007 there is no bleeding, not even that tiny drop. Later on while on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement I noticed that when I was tired my large intestine didn’t hurt. Also I felt no discomfort in that area when it was cold outside. But the last miracle about that was that I now can eat everything again with no allergic reaction. I no longer cook specific foods for me, I drink alcohol, I eat out with no limits. The only thing that I still haven’t tried is cayenne that used to increase my bleeding when my colon was extremely inflamed.

I haven’t done any colonoscopy now to see how is my intestine, but I can surely feel the difference and why not speak about a cure in some time from now if all things go as they are now.

My main point is that most digestive issues are mainly due to parasitic infections. In some cases heavy metal accumulation, mineral deficiencies or bad lifestyle may contribute also to that problem.

I thank the God that sent me that naturopath which helped me so much and introduced me to that world of alternative medicine and CUREZONE which helped me find my way towards healing.

If anybody can ask something I’m willing to answer. You can find me at




my nickname is amato

best health to all"

If I knew about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement 4 yrs earlier I would spare much suffering.

Many thanks to Jim Humble and CUREZONE

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