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the MMS Protocol -

J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine
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J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine
Free S&H.Restore lost reserves.J.CROW’S®Lugol’s Iodine Solut...

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Published: 13 years ago
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the MMS Protocol -

Printable Document. Expanded PDF version:

MMS Mixing Instructions and Dosage
To purify water: (including spigot water) one drop of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement in one gallon of water will remove fluoride, heavy metals, and pathogens from the water. The water will be odor free and drinkable within two or three minutes after mixing. One or two drops of lemon juice will speed the purification process. This drinking water has no health benefits except that heavy metals and bacteria were removed from the water. The gas sacrifices itself and reverts to become a few molecules of water. The gas disappears.

For internal detoxification: to remove harmful pathogens and metals from your body, follow these mixing instructions carefully before drinking the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement mixture. The purpose of the mixing is to produce a weak solution that causes a very slow release of chlorine-dioxide gas in your stomach which benefits your entire body. The procedure is summarized from the writings of Jim Humble - the discoverer of how to prepare Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for internal use. Humble's 127 page e-book can be downloaded here if desired (no charge): [].

FIRST - Activate a few drops of the MMS sodium chlorite solution. For the first dose, always begin with a one drop mixture morning and evening to gradually get acclimated to the detoxifying action. In a cup or glass mix 1 MMS drop from the original bottle with 5 drops of one of these acids below. Avoid vitamin C. Gradually increase dosage later.

unfiltered apple cider vinegar, or
lemon juice drops, or
lime juice drops, or
citric acid drops

Liquid citric acid is one of the preferred acids. It tastes similar to lemon juice.
Prepare a pint of 10% citric acid which may last through a month of use. Mix 1 tablespoon of Citric Acid powder with 9 tablespoons distilled water to make a 10% citric acid solution for use with MMS. Store in a separate bottle. Refrigeration is not required.
Use 5 drops of one acid above to each one drop of MMS (5 to 1)

SECOND - Wait Three Minutes. Swirl the MMS drops and the acid drops in the cup, then wait three minutes after mixing. (3 to 5 minutes is OK - 10 minutes is too long.) The two ingredients combine to produce a liquid that can't be stored. It slowly begins to release the purifying gas called chlorine dioxide. After weakening with water or juice this becomes the detoxifying substance that will be absorbed for some hours by the blood stream.

THIRD - Add Juice and/or Water. Add 1/3 to 2/3 cup of distilled water or juice to weaken and mask the slight lemon-like chemical taste. The amount of juice or water is not critical provided no vitamin C is in the juice. After adding juice or water you can drink it immediately - or wait no longer than 30 minutes because the gas you want is wasting away. Do not use orange juice as the masking agent. Vitamin C neutralizes the desired effect. Carrot juice or beet juice is OK. Some apple and pineapple juices are labeled "nothing added." The amount of added water or juice does no harm to the effectiveness - provided you drink it all. Avoid taking vitamin C for several hours.

FOURTH - Dosage Caution. You MUST start (at first) with one or two MMS drops, never more even if you feel nothing is happening. If you have a "sensitive" stomach, or if you are currently ill, use caution and only drink half the dose at first, then drink the other half one hour later. Tolerance develops quickly and nausea is rarely noticed after the first dose. Nausea indicates that MMS has already found and destroyed more toxins that the elimination system can handle. If diarrhea and or nausea occurs wait longer between doses and increase later very slowly. If you're already ill with flu or bronchitis, for example, proceed slowly because you may have much mucus to be gradually eliminated.

FIFTH - Drink it. Juice makes the drink palatable. You need to drink it without complaint. If you experience no nausea after the first dose, increase by one drop each next day. If you experience no elimination problems, still proceed cautiously with increased dosages one drop increase per day. The more hours that chlorine dioxide circulates in your blood stream, the sooner you'll notice beneficial results. The inventor suggested drinking it morning and night. Others suggest repeating the drink every few hours. It can be your personal choice how rapidly you want the protocol to exhibit results. Diarrhea is a sign that detoxification is occurring. Keep dosage just under that level, upward slowly.

If you experience nausea, reduce the drops of MMS for the next dose. Repeat dosage twice daily. Your body quickly develops tolerance for the drink as metals, bacteria, parasites and yeasts are eliminated. To be clear: if nausea develops, back off one or two drops for a day or two, then gradually increase again. Otherwise you may be tempted to stop the process entirely. The maximum is thought to be 20 drops morning and night but for people who have little body weight, or for children, reduce the number of drops proportionately. Fifteen drops twice per day for seven days would complete detoxification in many cases. For pets, reduce dosage drastically and use an eyedropper to place fluid in the pet's mouth or a poultice on flesh wounds. (See User Stories at

SIXTH - Monitor Effectiveness. Diarrhea, or even vomiting is not a bad sign. The body is throwing off poisons and your elimination system is stressed. Most people report that they feel much better after allowing some cleansing reactions. Don't seek medicine for diarrhea relief. When toxins are eliminated, diarrhea ceases. WARNING: Some people are suddenly hit hard with disabling nausea. If so, skip a day and back off the dosage level for a couple days. People with weak kidneys, bad heart, blood problems, or liver problems should obviously maintain dosages below the nausea level.

After achieving 15 drops twice per day, you can increase to 3 drinks per day for a few days depending on how badly you want detoxification. Judge the state of your health and eventually drop back to a low "maintenance mode." Reduce the preparations to 4 to 6 drops once a day for adults and 4 to 6 drops twice a week for children. Persons weighing under 90 pounds or over 180 pounds should reasonably reduce or increase their dosages, staying just under the nauseous indicator until their systems are cleared. Years of toxin intake resides in muscles, brains, intestines, and nerves. Also poisons, insecticides, mercury, aspartame, herpes, and others may require from one week to two months for detoxification. Skin surface illnesses (moles, fungus, herpes) respond rapidly with poultices held on the area for 20 minutes while the CL-O2 gas penetrates the skin, killing bacteria or fungus.

This instruction statement was generated from the writings of the inventor - Jim Humble. Users are not restricted to any specific dosage or timings. It's virtually impossible to overdose on MMS because you would throw up if a mixture were accidentally mixed backwards or when mis-counting the drops. A little extra acid has no effect - step one states the minimum acid requirement.

In you get rid of years of toxins too rapidly, naturally the elimination process can be overloaded, resulting in a brief period of diarrhea. This is a good indicator. Don't seek a remedy for this. You aim for body cleansing and MMS will achieve that as slowly or rapidly as you wish.

If you understand the statements below, you'll be able to make your own
judgement about the scope of MMS likely benefits.

♦ Chlorine Dioxide gas circulates in the blood stream, destroying pathogens that are gradually eliminated.
♦ MMS doesn't replace damaged body parts or add anything such as vitamins, nutrition, or protein.
♦ MMS boosts the immune system immeasurably - 100% or even greater.
♦ MMS doesn't heal anything. Sprains, whip-lash, bald head, addictions, and bad attitudes are not caused by bacteria.
♦ When your body is free from poisons and toxins, the immune system sometimes "heals" damaged body parts.
♦ Life style and positive attitudes are factors in triggering the immune system into reconstructive healing mode.
♦ Claimed: MMS can be used periodically to maintain a cleansed toxin-free body, achieving high levels of immunity.
♦ Conflict with other drugs is unlikely. If in doubt, voluntarily eliminate one or the other.

There is disinformation on the internet about MMS aging prematurely. In its dark bottle MMS will remain potent for at least two years if kept in the refrigerator. Standard MMS is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite, prepared in the Texas main laboratory. IT IS VIRTUALLY ODOR FREE. Only when you add the acid does out-gassing begin to produce a distinctive odor. As long as you detect the odor AFTER adding the citric or other acid, you have assurance of active ingredients. The odor drifting through the room actually kills germs and air-borne bacteria. That odor is Chlorine Dioxide - a germicide like no other. If the odor seems undesirable during the three minute wait (especially when mixing higher dosages) carry the mixing cup outside until ready to add water or juice.

We aim to collect 75,000 new testimonials and stories at this address:
. There's no advertising at that site - it's for you if you want to share your experiences with MMS. You can read other people's success stories there. The site was launched in February, 2008. Each month about 11,000 bottles of MMS are shipped from all known sources.

This statement was last updated March 23, 2008 based on the publications of health professionals. MMS is an effective method of purifying water and is used in many city water purification systems. It has been known for 50 years as the most powerful germicidal agent on the planet. Children and campers use and drink it on camping trips. Blown with fans through air ducts in government offices, it destroyed all anthrax successfully. The product is approved as a mineral supplement and as a food additive. See also
(or pdf).

For reference articles and expanded explanations, visit

Sign up for mothly tips and news at

A one-year supply of MMS costs $20.00 (US) plus shipping - order direct from the Humble approved lab:


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