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--Moral story of the Cleansing and Flushing surveys--

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...


Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 15 years ago

--Moral story of the Cleansing and Flushing surveys--

Hi Ya'll,

As most of you may be aware here on curezone, there are a large amount of people who may visit the MC and Liver Cleanse forums and many people get very good benefits by Cleaning the Toxic waste out of their body!

Now as some of you may also be aware, some new light has been shed upon the subject at hand whereas those people who were into expelled (stone) counts as a way of life, may now have been confronted by the "FACT" that some of what they thought they were getting rid of which they wanted to call stones, now may not really be what they wanted to believe in the first place!

Now this post is in no way ment to down play the "VERY IMPORTANCE" of the body having proper Cleansing action, in order to stay Healthy or to become healthy!

But to bring into a better perspective the whole idea!

For, if you have toxic waste in your body, it is very important to at least try to elimenate what is stored in your Digestive track "first" as a way to try to Help the body to start recovery!

For it is what is in your Digestive track which may be the "BEGINNING" of your problems!

Now the Toxic Waste which is stored in all of the other organs of your body, including your Liver and your Kidneys, may pose some real and immediate dangers in the process of trying to remove these Toxic Waste in a much to "FAST" of a Fashion!

"IF" you may have just a small bit of "COMMON SENSE" you may read in these different Cleanse forums and find out real fast about "ALL" of the problems which many different people may be having in this process of Cleansing their body TOO "FAST"!

Just to name a few of the problems which may come with trying to remove too much Toxic Waste and or Excess Acids too Fast: Headaches,Bloating,Muscle Cramps, Skin Rashes and other break outs of Pimples etc,and the List goes on!

Now this Fast method to Cleanse these organs of the body may be fine for someone who has enough Alkaline Mineral Reserves or has figured out how to do this Cleansing on a cycle basis with using enough Alkaline Minerals between the cycles to Help Neutralize these Excess Acids and Toxic Waste which may be Released from the body during these Major Cleanses!

But for a person who may be "VERY" "SICK" and "DISEASED", this person may be "KILLED" by this process of Releasing too much Toxic Waste and Acids into the Lymphatic system and other elimenation channels of the body!

So it may be your choice to choose what ever method you desire to use to help elimenate your Toxic Waste and Excess Acids from your body!

But, it may be a much better choice for some people to choose to get the body into a slow every day Cleansing action, for "EVERY" day of the year, rather than just have a Major Cleanse once or twice a year or two in hopes you have solved your problem, and then you settle back into your old eating habits and then the same problems appear again and you just do not get the point of why you keep having problems?

Now it just so happens that "IF" you would eat correctly and were able to eat TOP QUALITY FOODS, which contained Highly Mineralized Alkaline Minerals and of these foods you learned to eat enough of the foods which supplied your body with Magnesium and Calcium etc, that the magnesium may help provide your Liver and the Kidneys with what they may need to work properly to dispose of the Toxic Waste and Excess Acids from your body!

"BUT" since this is Highly "Unlikely" that you may be able to, or are even going to try for that matter, to eat enough Top Quality Green Leafy vegetables which may provide your body these Alkaline Minerals which your body may need so very much in order to stay Healthy and be able to properly Cleanse it's self each day, then what are your options?

Now we are back to the issue of doing Major Cleanses every once in a while or making some other choice!

"COMMON SENSE" would tell most people that "IF" you are going to eat every day, that just maybe you need a good Cleanse each day, but not a Harsh one of the nature of the MC and or Liver Flush or Kidney Flush etc!

"COMMON SENSE" may also tell a preson that this every day Natural Cleanse should be a Mild , but effective Cleanse for your body!

Now it just so happens that you may accomplish this Mild and Effective Cleanse every day by taking a small pinch of Epsom Salt with each meal!

This may be the case, and may prove an effective way to solve your problem of current Toxic Waste and Excess Acids as well as stored Toxic Waste and Acids, when you may not be eating the TOP QUALITY FRESH GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES, which you should eat in the first place to solve this problem or to have prevented this problem from ever having occured in the first place!

Smile Tis your choice.

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