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--How do you remove the Real Stones ?--ANSWERS--
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Published: 15 years ago
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--How do you remove the Real Stones ?--ANSWERS--

Hi swarmy,

Now this is a good question!

Maybe one may understand this, "IF" one considers what the Stone is made of first and then what may be needed to Disolve this stone enough so that the body may pass it?

Since a Stone is a Mineral Deposit, this may also mean that it has some Alkaline Minerals in it!

Now, it just so happens that it may take Acids to Break down and Disolve Alkaline Minerals, but this allows for Precipitation of these Minerals out of the Body Fluids!

Now, when there are too High of amounts of Acids and "NOTHING" to "BUFFER" these Acids, so that the Disolved Minerals may remain or stay in the solution, once they may have been Disolved, so as to facilitate the removal by the body fluids, then more Stones may be formed again !

So, the real "KEY" to removing existing Stones from the body may depend upon your ability to first get enough Acids to the Stone to be able to Disolve it, but at the same time have enough of a "BUFFER" to allow this Disolved material to Remain in solution, so that it may be expelled from the body!

So just "WHAT" kind of an Acid may be used , so as to have success?

And just "WHAT" kind of a "BUFFER" may be used, so as to have success?

Many Kinds of Acids may be used, but the problem in most cases may be that too much acids may be used and "NO" "BUFFER", which may cause the body to become too Acidic in the process to Disolve and expel the Stones, and this may cause all kinds of Pain and Suffering in the process!

And with this kind of a process of trying to Disolve and remove the Stones, one may also remove Vast Amounts of other Alkaline Minerals which the body may need to become Healthy!

Let us look at some of the famous MC and Liver Flushes as an example of what may be taking place!

When Large amounts of Epsom Salt may be used, the Magnesium in the Epsom Salt may allow the Liver and the Kidneys to try to elimenate the Toxic waste load which may be in the body, because these organs "MUST" have magnesium to operate!

Also the Epsom Salt contains Sulfate, which may Create Sulfuric Acid when it is combined with water or other body fluids which are made up of water!

So, by the "Very" action of taking Large amounts of Epsom Salt into your body at one time, this may allow for Tremendous amounts of "SULFURIC ACID" to be formed within your body, which may cause a "TREMENDOUS ACIDIC" condition to occur!

So with this "TREMENDOUS ACIDIC" condition to occur in your body, any Stones which are allowed to come in contact with this Acidic solution for a long enough time period may begin to Disolve into the body fluids!

"BUT" at the same time the rest of your Bone structure may be subjected to this "TREMENDOUS ACIDIC" condition, so this may allow for further Break down of your bone structure, unless you have something to "BUFFER" this action!

So, this brings us to the part about taking Olive Oil or the like?

Olive oil is a Carbohydrate, so it may "BUFFER" the Acids which may be formed, "BUT" "IF" the Acids are in very High Amounts and the Olive Oil is present in TOO High enough of amounts at the same time as the Acids, "before" the Disolving of the Stones may occur, then you may have what some people are now finding out, what they first thought were stones, but may not really be much other than Olive Oil and the Acids which were formed, which may just be "FATTYY ACIDS"!

The reason for this may be in the "FACT" that Oils may surround Acids, may we say for Lack of better words, to protect the body from "OVER_ACIDITY", this is a built in survival tool the body may use to try to protect it's self from becoming too Acidic!!

What do you think "FATTY ACIDS" are?

Are Fatty acids Alakline Minerals or are they Acids which have been combined with Fat?

Why do you think people are "FAT", is it maybe because they are so "VERY ACIDIC" from a Lack of Alkaline Minerals which are Required to Digest Fat, and when they do not get enough Alkaline Minerals in their Diet to Digest the Fat in their Diet, the Excess Acids which may be created are then surrounded by this Fat which may not be Digested and this Mess is Deposited around in the body in storage areas which you may not like showing?

Now, back to what may be a better way of getting rid of Stones which have formed in the different organs of the body!

The whole "KEY" to accomplishing this may lay in eating a Diet which may supply your body with Complete Complexed Carbohydrates on an every day Basis!

The reason for this may be because when you "STOP" eating Refined and or Processed foods, and instead start supplying your body what it may need on a daily Basis, then your body may not be or become TOO Acidic!

And when your body is not too Acidic, but also has enough Complexed Carbohydrates to go along with the Natural Acids which your body must have to produce it's Electro-magnetic Energy, by reacting against the Alkaline Minerals, then these Kinds of Carbohydrates may "BUFFER" the Acids and the Alkaline Minerals so as to "HOLD" these in solution in the different parts of your body, when this Electro-magnetic Energy from your Digestive system has been "SLOWED DOWN" enough to be Recreated in the different organs of your body where it may be needed to rebuild New Cells!

So, to make it very simple: The daily use of ACV and or Lemon juice and Epsom Salt may provide your body with weak Acids which may "SLOWLY" Disolve these Stones which you may have in your body!

And the Blackstrap Molasses may provide some of the Complete Complexed Carbohydrate which your body may need to "BUFFER" the Acids and the Alkaline Minerals and "HOLD" these in solution, as well as hold in solution any parts of Stones which may "SLOWLY" become Disolved over time with proper Diet!

Also, eating some Cold Water fish such as Wild Alaskan Salmon and Sardines may provide your body with some more Alkaline Minerals and some more Complexed Carbohydrates and Oils, which may Help your body keep the Acids and Alkaline Minerals in solution, in your Blood and in your lymphatic system and other parts of your body, thus may Help to prevent Stones, or may Help the removal process of existing Stones!

Also making a broth using good quality Vegetable Greens,which may be very High in Calcium and other Alkaline Minerals and drinking this Broth and throwing away the pulp, may also speed up the removal of Stones!

But these processes may take longer, but may be a lot milder for you and a lot less Painful!

Smile Tis your choice.


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