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First Step, by MH
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Published: 13 years ago

First Step, by MH

Basicaly the Only book OI am waiting to find to finish the Barefoot School Library of favorite books is the oldest author that was 110 when he wrote his little book. He had the breathing cure-all given to him by a India man that was over 150 years old and being beaten to death by religious volunteers to slaughter all India people past age 150 back about 70 years ago, etc. Being a soldier he chased off the attackers and the old man repaid him by giving him the secrect of life. The author ignored this until when in his seventies he was dieing of old age. He remembered his gift and put it to practice and at age 110 he was in good shape and figured he should write his book. I have the original copy put up somewhere and when that is found and put to computer, the 1st phase of books are done and yes, I need to take the time to make them available on the website.

Phase II
I have the entire collection of Hotema Books coming. I have had over 50% of them over the years, but figured I should start out with all new and have them put to file. Since these books have hundreds of ancient symbols within, they will be a nightmare to copy to file and not sure how well it will work out. With some books it may be easier to copy the entire page with pictures.

This will complete the web school, it will have approx. 60 books+, not considering 2,000+ pages of news letters, etc.

The long awaited 108 custom made products numbered 1-108 will be the 108 people who will sponsor the conversion of books to file. "IF" I do this it will take along time and hopefully I can interest our helper that converted the majority of the other books.

Once these 60+ books are finished, I suggest they will make the best "OCCULT" set of books in the entire world. Phase II books were all written by An American PASTOR who got fed up with the common church of today. He ended up being a Free Mason with an extroidanry compasion to EXPOSE the secrets of this planets history and the majority of what he wrote is all explained in the common BIBLE, but veiled to the common person.

In theory:
Enough Books on diet/habit
Enough on the ONE CURE, CURES ALL.
Enough Books explainingg world history aka taking the veil away from the Pope's past 2,000 years of cover up and deceit upon this world.

This should make for the most interesting website on earth and make just about every religious leader, every pharmasist, every drug/operation pushing M.D., every worthless toxic dentist, every rich family and their sons that fly chem trail jets around the world, every super scientist, etc., etc. all exposed as the bad guys.

When you know your enemies and learn how to avoid them, I think you have been lead to do so, because otherwise most of the population of this planet are yesterdays victims and don't even know it.

I probably should eventually obtain a separate website with these books ONLY and no herbs, etc. for sale, thisa would protect the website best drawing little attention, etc.

Blessings to all,

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