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Image Embedded Help diagnosis 4-month old infant (pics) not vaccinated, exclusively breastfed, cheek area has rash and yellow scabs
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Published: 15 years ago

Help diagnosis 4-month old infant (pics) not vaccinated, exclusively breastfed, cheek area has rash and yellow scabs

I'm trying to schedule an appointment with the pediatrician asap, but in the meanwhile I need help figuring out what this rash is and what to do.

Here is my daughter at 1 month:

3 months:

1 week ago:

Right now, that redness on her forehead is all gone. It was provoked by dry flaky skin. Coconut oil took care of that. Now she only has cheek rashes.

She has always had sensitive skin as you can see from her 1 month old picture with the various tiny little red bumps scattered over her face, which at first I thought was baby acne. So, we started being very careful and not letting anything touch her face, and applied extra virgin coconut oil. That really worked and she had beautiful skin from that point on until she got closer to 3 months old when she started bringing her hands to her face. She would rub her eyes when tired and so her arms would rub her cheeks in the process. I applied extra coconut oil and that appeared to handle the rash very well and keep it under control. However, I had to go back to work and my mom would look after my baby and she wasn't so good about applying coconut oil, so whenever I would get my baby back, her cheeks would be a lot more red than when I had left her.

Now both of us apply a lot of coconut oil all the time and we have to swaddle her when she is sleeping. About 3 weeks ago, my mom was watching my baby and she said she didn't catch her rubbing her face because my mom fell asleep but when woke up saw that my baby had rubbed and scratched up her face a lot. She had long fingernails and was bleeding. That was the worse the rash ever got. From that point onwards, now her cheeks have been having yellow scabs. I thought that was good and that her cheeks were healing because the initial scabs fell off. But now she has new scabs. Her cheeks are very sensitive and she can easily make her cheeks bleed by getting her fingernail to scrape her cheeks when we don't catch her in time.

It doesn't seem like her face is itchy. It just seems that its a reflex to bring her hands to her eyes or bring her arms up towards her face. I'm not sure though.

-She is bathed in chlorine-free, filtered soft water once per week, sometimes twice per week. I use unscented baby castille soap on her body. She does not have any rashes on her body. Rashes are only on cheeks. I only use water to wash her hair. For her cheeks, I pour water on her cheeks. Water is always lukewarm.
-She is exclusively breastfed.
-She has not received any vaccinations.
-I did a home birth with her, so I never received any drugs, Antibiotics , etc. and neither did she.
-She has never taken any drugs or Antibiotics herself.
-I follow Weston A. Price dietary guidelines about 75% of the time, with a focus on raw milk, cod liver oil, bone broths, and meats. The bad food I eat is occasional restaurant food, ice cream, cookies, etc.
-I did a Colon Cleanse in early 2006. I did 10 liver/gallbladder flushes with Dr. Hulda Clark 's recipe once every 2 weeks after that. I did a follow up 11th flush, 6 months later in March 2007. I didn't know I was pregnant, but I conceived my baby in mid-February.
-Baby was born mid-November 2007
-I consume raw milk every week, which has probiotics. I've also taken Jarrow's refrigerated brand probiotics infrequently throughout the year, but I finished the whole bottle.
-My mom watches my baby for 48 hours at a time, ever since she was 3 months old, once per week while I go work. I pump breast milk, so my mom feeds her that.
-Baby otherwise seems healthy
-I have thought all along this is just a sensitive skin irritation rash from rubbing, but I don't understand the yellow scabs now and its not getting better.
-There doesn't seem to be any family history of rashes. I myself had acne, but I cured it 100% through liver flushing.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.


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