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Re: Will Omega-3's Help with Memory Issues from an Acquired Brain Injury?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Will Omega-3's Help with Memory Issues from an Acquired Brain Injury?

Hi Machine Girl.

Sorry to hear about your aunt. I believe there is always hope. Probably the extent of the damage and how quickly she was seen is important to her recovery. I have a small list of possibilities that may help. It will take patience time and possibly fundraising if the funds are not available, but before you write it off consider the possibilities.

1. The omega 3's would be useful as well as including sardines salmon etc in her diet because the oil helps diminsh the inflammatory response that is going on in her brain and additionally will help reduce blood pressure if that is an issue. You can get good fish oil from a company called Carlson located in arlington heights illinois or order krill oil at

2. Hyperbaric oxygen is the way to go if you have the funds. Look up It is canada but more affordable than US and the room was practically free with treatment so you are paying for the treatment, get a room while undergoing treatment and only have to provide for food for yourself.

Oxygen is not covered in USA under insurance because it is considered off label.

Some excellent providers of hyperbaric and medical consultation in the USA: include the two following physicians:

Dr. Neubauer. One of the foremost authorities in the USA on hyberbaric and brain damage. Worth at least a visit and a beautiful place to get treatment right off the coast.

Dr. Perlmutter another specialist that has done extensive work with the brain and has a private hyperbaric treatment center attached to his clinic.

He has a number of formulated vitamins and powders and books that he feels aids the brain. Vinpocetine sp? and hyperizine sp? are suppose to be useful in addition to phosphotidylserine intake. I know NOW vitamins also has a brain formula that might be useful.

3. It is imperative that her diet be really good. Get the junk out the good stuff in. Salad raw foods etc to help heal her brain and help her repair her system. No diet drinks , chips , hydrogenated crackers etc, will make the body harder to work at healing.

4. Neurofeedback. Can do wonders but this should follow as part of a program of cognitive therapy and should definitely follow after the hyperbaric. Hyperbaric can perform miracles. Hyperbaric will require numerous treatments hence the earlier use of the term fundraiser. Brain injury or cerebral palsy patients sometimes go through dozens if not more than hundred or so treatments. It is worth seeing one of the above practitioners and know what they think and if they have treated earlier or similar cases to your aunts.

5. Computer games. start out simple like with the game collapse or diamond mine on yahoo or bejeweled. The brain will respond to simple stimulus . Treat like a child starting out very simply. Gradually progress to other games like tetras. There are even better games out now that involve playing a guitar or boxing the air if arm movement or body movement has been impaired . These aid in developing new neural network pathways.

6. play Mozart and some of the other classical artists used for baby brain geniuses( I think that was a cd) music is suppose to encourage some form of development.Affects the brain wave pattern.

7. you can buy cognitive rehab software for single computer. Can be pricey. Don't know much about it, but it is designed for this.

8. physical activity, walks in the sun. If she uses her left hand , make her practice brushing hair with the right. If you walk down your street to the right, go left. Alternating and changing things frequently wakes the brain up say , whoa what is happening, pay attention. Good for developing neural networks.

9. Have her read if possible small excerpt or piece of news and then relate it back to you . Encourage interaction and support.

10. Find a brain injury support group in your area. Find out who the good docs are locally and what treatments people have tried.

11. Find a church or other religious affiliate to pray for her. I have read many miracles about the power of prayer by a group to help someone. You will need a large congregation. If you don't belong, submit a prayer request online or at churches, hospital chaplains , unitarian etc, even curezone.

Lastly take a deep breath in and let it out and say to yourself , we can do this . Don't try to do it all yourself, call in as many extended family or friends of hers or yours as possible.

If I had to give you a short list of the priority to do these items I would do the following:

1. hyperbaric and or hyperbaric consult with a brain specialist. Not just any brain specialist but one extensively familiar with the amazing feats of hyperbaric and recovery from acquired brain injury. You have the two names above, start there IMHO

2. Diet. Make it healthy. Include fish oil and other supplements. Exercise if possible as that helps to build new brain cells .

3. cognitive therapy program of some sort (neurofeedback, cognitive computer program)

Just for the record, I am not affliated with any person listed here. I went through a really bad trauma myself. So I know what is happening in a sense.

People after brain injuries may be different in subtle and or profound ways. I miss who I use to be , but I am grateful for the miracles and blessing in my life. I am not sure what the extent your aunt's damage is or her prognosis, but the recommendations above can make her better.

She is very lucky to have someone like who cares for her.

Best of luck to you.

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