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Re: Hi Anglynn! Thank you...I'll wait for your response
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Hi Anglynn! Thank you...I'll wait for your response

i had a brain fart and forgot i had an inbox on here haha

I really wish my internet wouldnt of disconnected yesterday, i had a book written for u :]

Anyhow, i gained all my weight from my pregnancies. I had the stupid teenage attitude that "oh, im only 125, my metabolism is good, so i can eat apple pie every other day since im pregnant and not gain weight!" I TRUELY believed whatever i ate, would go to my child, and it wouldnt affect me. Boy was i WRONG!!! when he was born, and the scale on my bed said 198, omg...i thought id have a heart attack. It was even WORSE when i stayed around 180 some years after that. I Tried the atkins diet twice. When my son was a year old, and got down to 165, then again back in january, and got back down to the 160's again.

It works...but i tell u..i got SICK of stuffing myself with fat, and meat. I cant even stand the smell of meat anymore. Since this whole fasting experience, i dont, and wont, eat meat again. I used to crave ribeye steak like u would not believe, now...i crave strawberries of all things. Ive NEVER craved fruit..or veggies for that matter. So fasting is a miracle to me just for helping me do that :]

The first fast i ever did was 15 days. Cheat Free. Only water, no juice, no broth, nada. Honestly, if i DIDNT have a big event occuring, it wouldnt have been easy. My main motivation was to lose weight for my birthday celebration when i go home to visit family and friends. Ive got friends who i havent seen in almost 6 years that got together and are taking me out for my 21st bday. I didnt want them to see me as a whale, when the last memory they had of me was being small. The friends who HAD seen me fat, i wanted them to see me small again. To see the reaction of "wow...look at u!!"

I did great. It was a breeze. I just told myself if i cheated, id still be fat, and would get no where. I felt like a prisoner in my body. NOT myself at all. I was always popular, pretty, boys liked me (that sounds juvenile, ha, sorry) But, when i was in the 180's, i felt like anytime someone looked at me, they were thinking "man, shes fat" "she needs to lose weight!" MY head was always hung low. I tried to blend in when i went places. I HATED shopping. simply because trying on jeans that was a 14 were too tight, and knowing that the number was unhealthy, made me sick. Shirts, all i saw was fat. I was miserable. Esepcially when id see pictures of myself.

I sound selfish right now, i know, but i still FEEL like that girl, and when i look in the mirror, i can still see her. But i fight with myself, and tell myself im NOT her anymore, and i DONT look like her. I mean...i CANT. Ive lost almost 60 pounds, so i know theres a HUGEEE difference. ITs just my self image i have to work on now.

As long sa u have ur heart set on what u want....u will get there. As i said, i had going home to celebrate as my motivation. I broke my fast on my husbands 25th birthday. He didnt understand. He thought i was starving myself, and that what i was doing was extremely dangerous and unhealthy, and that i was displaying signs of anorexia. So, i broke it. And i felt HORRIBLE after. Not only mentally (i was beating myself up over it in my head) But physically, i had diarrhea, my stomach felt like someone was stabbing me. It was miserable!

Ive tried 2 short fast after that. Those ones were way harder, and id cave after 3-4 days.

So now, im partial fasting. When i eat, i eat only fresh fruit, or veggies, and only drink water. The amounts i eat are small, i dont require a buffet now to satisfy me haha.

The only side effects i had on my first fast was my face broke out a few times. Ive always had clear skin, so i knew it was working its wonders.

Only water sounds hard, but if u REALLY want to do it, and keep ur head up, u can. Granted, my goal was to be 125 by at 134 right now, so obviously, i didnt make it. I lost my drive after i told ppl what i was doing. Non-supportive..saying i was hurting my body. I think my metabolism is BETTER now that ive done these fasts. I mean, if im losing a pound a day and im eating, it did SOMETHING right!

by day 9 i felt AMAZING! I was sleeping soooooo good. I woke up with no headaches (ive suffered headaches every day since my pregnancy with my son 5 years ago) I good think clearer instead of thoughts running through my head every second. Less anxiety (i worry about any and everything) I just felt GREAT. Not to mention my skin was baby soft. Its a shame that my 2nd fast didnt go as well as my first. I started bruising out of no where, horrible headaches, and was really weak. I was told by some i may have been anemic, others dehydrated (imagine that...dehydrated when all i did was drink water, ha)

I DID try a dry fast for 2 days. It went well. It was MUCH easier than the water believe it or not. But by day 3, i had to drink. Id been outside in the 80 degree sun mowing, and weeding my garden, playing with my kids.

I'll get to 120-125 one day, i mean...its only 10, 15 pounds max. Where as before i had over 70 to lose. Ive got a lot of work to do yet. I have stretchmarks everywhere, lose skin (which looks just like fat in clothes, so im not happy about that) I have endometriosis, so the middle of may im going to try another long fast to see if it will help these issues. I was told in a long fast, ur skin will shrink, stretchmarks fade or disappear, and medical issues can be cured. We shall see :]

This board helps. Ive learned SO much. Try the Water Fasting board. They are amazing. Look for men named chris and fonty, they can tell u ANYTHING u want to know. Chris i believe cured cancer from fasting. If u want inspiration, they're ur guys. They've been very helpful to me :]

Best of luck to you. Sorry for my book, and sorry it took so long. My kids didnt take their naps like planned yesterday

SW.188/189 CW-134 GW 120/125

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