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Akashic records' wealth of therapies
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Published: 13 years ago
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Akashic records' wealth of therapies

As many of you know, I occasionally get information from medical/psychic intuitive Douglas Cottrell who claims to do the same kind of work Edgar Cayce did in the early to mid 1900's. Months ago, around December of '07, in talking to Douglas over the phone he mentioned they were looking to start a transcription project to word process as many of their sessions saved to CD and cassette tape, to text to ultimately compile it to a book or searchable CD (on PC- there is an Edgar Cayce-on-CD-ROM already out with all of his readings, and it's great). I volunteered to do this and am in the process of transcribing this trove of material; estimated ETA on its completion is probably the end of this year.

Anyway- the point if there is one is that i'm one of only a handful of people privy to this information and in going over probably 70+ sessions thus far, when people ask health questions ("What is causing " or "Go over the physical form describing points of stress and giving recommendations for treatment" which is an umbrella term for giving therapies to improve the health of the body), patterns begin to emerge and through what Douglas focuses on, gives one the Akashic point of view on the fundamentals of health and healing.

I'm cherry picking various therapies based on what he recommends for people based on issues they're dealing with that are similar to my own, and the more of his recommendations I incorporate, the better I am feeling lately.. of course in doing this for him, confidentiality needs to be assured so there is information I can't share based on that factor (like specific names of clients, obviously), and giving out 'too much' info would be detrimental also as most of this is to be saved for the final product (it's going to be excellent for any fans of the Cayce readings, and rival anything like it that's available now). But I'm putting together some quick bullet points here for those of you interested in the Akashic record's perspective of health as brought forth by Cottrell:

* Proper eliminations (kidneys, and bowel) are the key to the body's wellness. Incomplete evaculation, irregularity, or any difficulty in eliminations (liquid and solids) will precipitate countless health problems, firstly with digestion and assimilation and as a domino effect, to everything else since the organs are co-dependent, NOT independent. The much-talked-about 'mucoid plaque's existence is supported and enemas or colonics recommended to help extricate it out of the body, for people who have this issue.

* Bile flow is critical. Too much or too little (the latter is most often the case) is most frequently the cause of the problems in elimination. To help remedy this, grape seed extract taken at least twice a day is recommended as well as grape juice 2 ounces w/ 2 ounces of water mixed, taken 20 minutes before meals. These suggestions have been posted before in the Cayce forum; they're frequently recommended as grape seed extract 'affects the thyroid, the pancreas and in turn the bile to be secreted'.

* Irregularity/constipation? Olive oil, a spoonful or more. It's 'food for the intestine' as Cayce used to say.

* Grape fruit seed extract is recommended a lot (note the name- this substance is different than grape seed extract) for people reporting yeast issues, bacterial overgrowth etc. It's bitter tasting but mixed w/ juice isn't too bad.

* Slippery Elm helps coat the stomach and keep too much gastric secretions from being produced(?), mainly it heals the gut and helps a person relax (e.g. from hypertension). Really good for digestion. Slippery elm is stated in around i'd say 70-80% of sessions with people asking about digestive issues.

* To help digest food more completely, take a little powdered gelatin with meals. I don't know exactly by what mechanism it works to do this; many people on CZ use digestive enzymes to help digest meals more completely... fyi curiously enough, in all the sessions I've transcribed so far, I don't believe Douglas has ever recommended taking enzymes with meals.

* Chelation helps. Serraflazyme has been mentioned a few times already on CZ and this is the enzyme from the silkworm which sloughs off the plaque buildup on the arterial walls. Recommended is to take it a month or so, then leave off for @ 3 weeks, then take it again for a month, etc., in that rhythm gradually reducing the dosage. It's potent but works gradually, and more slowly than intravenous chelation which is recommended too. It's usually either/or and up to the person. Serraflazyme is an oral supp so is more convenient, and works well but slower than intravenous chelation. Recommended for people with circulatory issues due to poor diet leading to plaque buildup. Also sometimes for heart problems. Serraflazyme was not available in Cayce's day so doesn't appear in the Cayce readings..

* Chiropractic adjustments are talked about a LOT. The idea here is that subluxated vertebrae can suppress nerve signaling or nerve energy flow to certain areas thus reducing the functionality and blood flow to those areas. He'll mention specific vertebrae too. Bending and stretching exercises are good for the back and indeed for basically everything; he goes into Yoga and all the full range of movement it requires because moving the body this way stimulates electrical activity in the brain which benefits the glands.

* Vitamin intake. Taking B-vitamins are recommended from time to time, but to get 'massive' intake of vitamins, take 2 ounces of fresh carrot and 2 ounces cabbage juice mixed.

* Oil massages are recommended quite often to help 'lubricate' the body, joints etc. and also to help take the inflammation out of the muscles.. probably has other purposes as well. Best to do these right after a sauna or steam room session, so the pores are open. Different oil combos are recommended for different people but they most commonly contain mineral oil (johnson's baby oil), castor oil, lanolin, a little wintergreen or eucalyptus, camphor oil and a couple more. But the mineral and castor oils are the biggest portion of the oil mix which is applied liberally to the whole body (especialyl the lymph node areas!) and left on for at least an hour or two. I tried one of these after using a FIR sauna the other night, leaving the oils on overnight (slept on plastic to avoid soiling the bedsheets), and wow.. Just- WOW. Kind of felt energized and calm at the same time, slept like a baby, and I'm pretty sure this emulates the famous "lymph cleanses" that are all the rage in Europe, as it seemed to drain a lot of fluids from me the next morning! On a side note when talking to natural healer Barbara Frank years ago, she mentioned to me how she looks extremely young for her age (53 as of then)- her photo can be seen on her book on the following link:

...and part of the reason for that is the fact she does lymph cleanses at least once a week. Purported to drain toxicity from the body. I'm going to continue with the oil massages, they're excellent.

* Paying attention to the sinuses is recommended in some cases. In one, he said to drain them using a Neti Pot as there was a viral condition in the mucous in the nasal passageways that was acting as the 'entry point' in the body for the illness. He also recommended Monolaurin for him, which from time to time is talked about for yeast issues also, or viral conditions too. Monolaurin is another product talked about from time to time, but not as frequently as Slippery Elm or serraflazyme.

* Iodine (YEAH!) is recommended, Lugol's and Atomidine, for deficiencies. Iodine is talked about as adding flexibility to the diaphragm, which when stretched taut, can cause mis-positioning of the body's organs leading to a lot of other problems. Also part of the water/salt/soda/iodine/iron list of needed elements for the body to function correctly.

* People with gluten sensitivities he said are sensitive also to the preservatives in breads. Something most people are overlooking: the *preservatives* are the main issue he says, which do not sit well with certain people and the way to get around this is to go organic; the kind of bread that would spoil in a couple days because of its absence of preservatives, is the kind of bread one should seek. Processed white flour, processed white sugar, and carbonated drinks should be avoided as much as possible.

* There is a mind/body connection and it centers on the concept that THOUGHT HAS SUBSTANCE. It influences the body positively or negatively so try to avoid fear, distress, anxiety, anger and all the negative emotions as much as possible.

Anyway those are some points to ponder and hope they encourage thinking in new directions and some discussion on this forum. The open-mindedness here is exceptionally good; if more things come to mind that I can share there could be more posts such as this down the line. Ciao

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