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Re: does anger bind??
rygar. Views: 4,057
Published: 13 years ago
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Re: does anger bind??

I know you may think you are some sort of genius with your copy and paste skills
and all but looks like you should take your own advice about LISTENING or in this

That was what?
a few months ago?

so what part of I CHANGED my ways for the better did you not understand?

you just assumed that by reading old posts that I was treating her the same way?
the same way I treated other girls I could care less about.
get a clue lol.

And all this crap about maturity level blah blah blah..okay,go it,whatever mumbo

The truth is,we have ALOT of fun together and though she may be young-
that's the part I love about her most.The unrefined innocence,her quirks,
just the way she is...still so optimistic and bright eyed to everything that
she encounters.There are alot of things that I purposely had to change about myself
just to make things work and right here right now TRUST is a big one of the
factors because for the longest time I used to be one of those guys that's like
'my girl is MY girl and no one elses'.The girl is perfectly
fine maturity speaking and with her self-esteem.She is going back to college
and motivated me into doing so as well.She is helping me quit smoking,drinking
and getting back into health again because I have neglected it for so long.

She really is the lil bit of sunshine left in my ever changing moody and
often dark and depressing life,without meeting her,feeling as much as we did,
and gone through and experienced all that we did ,the good and the bad-
I highly doubt that I would have ever felt anything ever again for anyone.

In the long run it was her heart and innocence that made me see her as how she
really is,of course at the start of it all i was wrong to come on so strong,seducing her,romancing her with my letters and ultimately advancing it to a physical level
so soon..she just turned 21 and she just didn't know any better because I know that
in order to effect someone the most is to entice and induce as many exciting and
new feelings as possible in as short a time as possible before they can even think
about what they are know the term 'sweep her off her feet'?
...well that's exactly what I did and that's what I continue to do.
I still find new and interesting,exciting ways to keep things fun and adventurous
between us,because that's just how I am.

My ex love(26)of my past even came back after me and this girl got in a fight
and though I took time off to spend time with her (my ex) I couldn't fight
the feelings that I have for the girl I am with I chose's not
just a 'crush' or whatever.With both of these girls I have been through so
much in so little time and felt so much that I will never be the same-
I made so many mistakes but also made so many things right for both of them
and for me.

I know I can be a cranky,moody,irate and a mean mean mean dirty rotten
no good %¤#&!§-at times but you know what?

my heart is in the right place and with the help of these girls,I realized
that there is still alot of heart and good in me that I really thought
was dead for a long long long time.

I used to think that I wanted to be with alot of girls..when I realize now
that I don't want a dozen different girls but one special one,be it this
one or not- I know what I want,what to do and how to deal and take things
as they come and it's not always from doing what works that got me to this
point but making mistakes (often many) and learning from them,really really
learning from them...


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