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MIRENA is POISON - the numbers don't lie!
sugarmama71869 Views: 11,033
Published: 14 years ago

MIRENA is POISON - the numbers don't lie!

I had two Mirenas - one after my first pregnancy for 4.5 years and a second for almost two years. Before that, I had Depo Provera. Before that I was the same weight and height for 14 years and I exercise more and eat less now.

I reported these side effects to my doctor(s) and he said that it was all in my head. In the past 10 years I went to an Endocrinologist, Gastronenterologist, 5 Gynecologists, 2 Cardiologists, 2 Psychiatrists, 2 Psychologists, 5 Allergists, 2 ENT surgeons (had $30,000 worth of sinus surgery)and a Neurologist. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on drugs, specialists, and surgery because of the stupid synthetic progesterone in MIRENA.

Even a nannogram (nG) change in a woman's exquisitely sensitve system will screw up her body. Your first clue is if you stop menstruating - that will shut down your Adrenal - Pituitary - and Ovary production. I read Dr. Elizabeth Vliet's book "Screaming to Be Heard". I highly recommend it! I am 5 mos + removal and my body is still very screwed up but I did lose 24 lbs and I am starting to get my sex drive back. I could literally go postal on my stupid, old MALE gynecologist who should have his gonads removed through his nose!

• Drug induced amenorrhea - no periods for 8 years!
• Drug induced anovulation meaning I did NOT ovulate for almost 10 years(FSH, LH, TSH levels - those are normal HORMONE levels in adult women that Mirena shuts down)
• Heart palpitations, anxiety attacks
• Higher cholesterol
• Insomnia
• Severe Depression
• Acute sinusitis
• Bacterial vaginosis
• No libido
• Vaginal dryness, cracking (they actually tested us both for genital Herpes because I had sores from the lack of estrogen! that did wonders for my marriage - NOT!!!!!!!!!!
• Migraines
• Water retention ankles, face
• Morbid weight gain (25 lbs+)
• Anorgasmia (no orgasm even with a vibrator)
• Hypothyroidism
Now I am stuck wondering how long term the effects of this POISON will be on bone loss, my heart, my bladder, and my mental health. I wish I had never gotten ANY birth control, it would have been better than this. (I am a Mom of 2, married 10 years, 38 years old, my BMI is now 21)

I got some testosterone Bioidentical cream and I somewhat have a libido again - I can finally have an orgasm again. I lost weight pretty dramatically as soon as I got testosterone in my system again. (Mirena literally dropped me down to hormone level of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone LESS THAN MY 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!) Get the blood test - the numbers don't lie!

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