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Published: 13 years ago
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I am well aware that women have testosterone and that they can also have imbalances with any hormones, including testosterone. My comment to Rygar regarding testosterone was made because many of the things he is experiencing regarding difficulty with intimacy are experienced by the vast majority of people... most of which do not have an imbalance of testosterone... and that includes women. Rygar has already indicated that he wants intimacy... but he's also afraid of it. Men and women BOTH have fears of real intimacy...women also do the very same relationship dance of getting close to men and then pulling away. Often the behaviors of men and women will look very different on the outside... but the core issue is the same.

Also... personally I would never suggest to anyone that there problem was a hormonal or chemical imbalance without thorough lab results and a complete diagnostic interview. To do so is irresponsible because the diagnosis could be entirely off-track. And suggesting treatments based on a mis-diagnosis is dangerous... whether allopathic or natural! Even natural treatments like herbs are very potent medicines! And prescribing the wrong treatment can throw a person into greater imbalance that does further harm! In addition... there are many theories regarding the causes of 'mental illnesses'... such as bipolar disorder and depression. And just as it is with our hormonal system... our brain chemistry is extremely complex. To suggest that these are problems of excess testosterone or deficient serotonin is far to simplistic... there is much more to it than that. This is no different than suggesting that the problem is just psychological... which is also reductionistic. And as I have already clearly stated... we are far more than our body and our mind. At the most basic and fundamental level we are energetic and spiritual beings. And a truly holistic and natural approach takes the whole person into account. Healing occurs when all aspects of a persons being are in brought into balance.

I am also well aware of the multitude of reasons that people enter the mental health professions... and any of the helping professions, for that matter. The same applies for para-professionals and anyone offering advice. We all have our issues and we all have our scars. Some are more aware of them... while others are in more denial. Professionals are no different than anyone else... we're all just human beings doing the best that we can. And the most powerful healers are also the most wounded... once they themselves have healed.

Now... I have a question for you...

You are continuing to post messages to me and it is clear that you are angry... even though some of it is passive-aggressive and thinly veiled. What I know about anger is that it is a signal of wanting something... and being hurt and scared. So... what are you wanting from me? And what is it that you're hurt and scared about?


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