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Hospital stay nightmares . . . heavenly meaning? (Long)
hopelessminx Views: 1,859
Published: 15 years ago

Hospital stay nightmares . . . heavenly meaning? (Long)

Hey mh, I sent this as an email after ordering some products.. I felt compelled to share it to someone but maybe telling it on curezone is more convenient for you. Sorry sir, I don't want to bore you to death with my long email.. But I want to tell you about a dream I had while in the E.R. - in jan 07 I had a car accident, perforated an intestine, went into surgery, went into septic shock, and was drugged up for about 2 weeks before I was actually conscious without drugs. After that I stayed another 2 weeks.. 1 month stay in the hospital! Hell on earth. I read your posts which say under these drugs, we are easily vulnerable to evil spirits... well, I witnessed evil in my dreams and guess who the bad guys were? Doctors! The whole time the dream involved me in the bed.. I couldn't move, I was a sitting duck... where it all started turning into a bad dream is when my family came to visit me but for some reason the doctors didn't want my family to come.. They were telling them that they were going to have to keep me longer... and they couldn't see me... I could hear them in the hallways outside my room... I would yell, " heeey! I'm in here! The doctors would close the door and one came in and said, "hey what's up?" I told him I want to see my family, and that I could hear them outside.. He looked at me and said, " sorry buddy, there's no one out there.." He went back into the hallway where he talked to other doctors which were for whatever reason trying to keep me from being seen by my family.. I could hear my sister pleading to be allowed to come see me... but some top hospital official wouldn't allow it... where it got even wierder was when a group of doctors came in and were looking down on me, whispering, "nobodys out there" while doing wierd faces, putting there hands in front of my face, sort of like as if they were hexing me.. One of even said, "no one will know a thing.." Eventually I closed my eyes and pretended I passed out and fell asleep... they continued to do their little ritual or whatever they were doing to break my spirit.. The dream go so twisted, the doctors started coming out of little secret doorways in the walls.. They were naked! They would discuss who would take the next patient, making little jokes about how they would profit from them, put their white coats on and go.. Through out the dream my family would return to try and find me.. And in one part of the dream they went so far as to take me into the little secret doorway with them.. I was so frightened that I pretended to be sleeping.. They put me on the ground and a group of people were surrounding me performing sexual acts, mocking me... out of another doorway, some more people popped out and started to leave... I remember two characters so vividly..he was an obese man with a briefcase, he didn't say anything..he just came out of his hole and left... the man behind the operation? Rich, obese man? The other was a young lady who said what they were doing to me was wrong...when she protested and threatened to leave, they grabbed her and took her into another room.. I closed my eyes again and woke up in my bed all over again... I woke up with 2 nurses looking at the patient nearby ... she was telling the other nurse how the hospital ICU unit had the capability of changing the rooms around becuase that 6th floor, the ICU floor, was able to rotate.. Making it harder for anyone like family to know where to find a loved one.. By this time my spirit was broken and didn't say anything except stare at everything... out of nowhere I had a vision. It was a vision of a penny with the numbers 143 on it.. Just spinning.. Then I was in the bed again and something happened, for some reason their plans were messed up and my family found me... my dad came into the room and I felt warm.. My spirit came alive again.. The doctors began to panic... I'm not sure what was going on but the ICU was empty now.. It was just me and the doctors... the doctors had retrieved into their secret doorways, and I could hear them talking.... the head surgeon was asking why I wasn't dead yet... the nurse said it didn't make sense... that she had pumped me with enough drugs to kill an elephant... throughout the whole time I was screaming, "haaa you can't kill me!!" And I heard the head surgen scream out, "why wooooont yooou diiiiiiiiiie!!!!!!" Their plans for whatever reason were ruined and all the staff began to run out the hospital. Everyone was quitting... I just stayed there, in the bed.... it was the realest dream I ever had...I could hear, taste, feel... I could feel my left kidney aching in the dream! In the real world, 2 weeks had passed.. I woke up being bathed by warm water by a nurse I hadn't seen in my dreams... she was so kind. At first I didn't realize it was a when my family came to visit me, I was very paranoid and asked them to look for secret doorways in the wall next to father looked at me all crazy... 2 days later I was dismissed from ICU and sent to the recovery department... HELL ON EARTH. Sorry for the long post.. I've only told my family about my dream.... this is much better detail when I write it down though... thanks for our time.. Much respect. Btw I guess recooperating both physically and mentally has been quite the journey, but I'm sure it was all part of gods plan to FORCE me to move from the little box I was stuck in.. I didn't have health insurance and the hospital bill was a little over 260,000$ I trusted in gods plan and it worked out that the state ended up paying for it all.. Now I have a job that offers health insurance.. But still haven't given into it.. God is my insurance.. And I feel safe.

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