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Treating Scarring Alopecia with Silver Water. Hair Growing Back.
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Published: 13 years ago
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Treating Scarring Alopecia with Silver Water. Hair Growing Back.

I was diagnosed with Scarring Alopecia caused by Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE) a couple months ago. This is the skin version of lupus. I had A LOT of hair loss on the top of my scalp. Though still had hair on the sides of my head, the back of my head, and a thin line along the front. I think this was all brought on by a wheat allergy (blood test positive to wheat). After I got off the wheat the overt symptoms in my scalp (redness, flaking) subsided. BTW, I have NO other symptoms of DLE except for the skin problem that went away when I stopped taking wheat. Followed up with my dermatologist. She said my hair would not grow back, because I had Scarring Alopecia. I've been using commercially prepared Silver Water for a long time for other issues. For example, I have used Silver Water to cure strep throat, fungus, and ear aches. Since Silver Water appears to be a Magic Potion I figured 'Why not try it on my scalp'. It couldn't hurt. I was almost completely bald after the alopecia got done with me. The best I could do was comb hair from the front of my head over the scalp. So I figured, what would it hurt to to start spraying Silver Water on my scalp. Got a spray bottle. Filled it up. Every morning after taking my shower I would DRENCH my scalp in Silver Water. To the point that I would leave the house to go to work with my scalp soaking wet from the Silver Water. I would not towel dry my scalp. Would repeat this just before bed. DRENCH my scalp with Silver Water from the spray bottle. And wouldn't you know what happened. I have fair skin. After the Scarring Alopecia incident and the hair loss my scalp was appearing quite flesh colored. Because there was almost know hair. A couple weeks ago (after spraying the Sliver Water on my scalp for a 1-1/2 months) I noticed my scalp was appearing darker. Not the light flesh color. I have dark brown hair. I pulled foward the long hair I was combing back over my scalp away and looked at my scalp. Little patches of hair have been spouting up. Not uniformly. But in islands. Over the past couple weeks I've noticed the patches of hair are getting taller and expanding. There are still some bare spots, but overall my scalp is starting to get a peach fuzz appearance and better coverage to it. I've been keeping up the twice daily drenching with Silver Water on my scalp. I'm obviously encouraged. I don't know if it will continue to grow, but I'm keeping up the experiment. My diet is probably 50% raw food/50% cooked food. During the day I eat raw food (fruits, vegetables, salads, tuna fish, etc...). At night I have cooked food. I try to stay away from wheat (obviously), dairy, and sugar. I try to take vitamins regularly though I'm not always successful. I've recently started with a protein shake with full spectrum vitamins, minerals, etc... in the morning. I get my Silver Water on at the 'Breath of Life' storefront. My dermatologist said my hair would NOT grow back because I had Scarring Alopecia. But it is.

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