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Most Of Your Post Was About Oppression...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Most Of Your Post Was About Oppression...

And you stated the following...

"Of course, the fact is that American women have more opportunity and more equality than just about any women in the world today and certainly in history. Moreover, if either sex is ‘oppressed’ today, it is far more likely to be males."

I included the information about PTSD because I am aware that you are a Marine. As I indicated... there is also the matter of sexual assault and a whole host of other ways that women... including American women... are oppressed and discriminated against.

Ever heard of the CEDAW? The US... the country you fought for... is the only 'first-world' nation that has yet to ratify it!

The discrimination and oppression of women... even in the US... is so systemic and so deeply imbedded in the collective psyche that people are utterly oblivious to the ways in which it manifests!

Christ... we haven't even had the right to vote for 100 years! And we STILL don't receive equal pay for equal work! That scholarship that was your ticket through college wasn't even an option for women at that time. And Title IX is still a highly controversial issue regarding women in sports!

I could go on and on and on listing the multitude of ways that women... including American women... continue to experience oppression on a daily basis! And the day that men and women are charged the same price for a haircut or to have a shirt dry cleaned is the day that I might seriously consider that men are also oppressed!

I agree with you about looking forward and taking complete responsibility for our lives... and that includes being fully honest about issues such as oppression... and other issues such as racism and poverty, too!

And just to be clear... I am not a radical feminist. As a matter of fact... I strongly believe that many aspects of the women's movement have done considerable harm to both women and men. The issue should never have been about what men had that women didn't... which is part of the reason for the very significant rise in illnesses that used to be primarily associated with men and now are seen in women. Rather the focus should have been on raising a positive consciousness of women's contributions so that what they have to offer is considered highly valued and sacred. This shift in consciousness is not only a critical issue for the sake of all women... but also for the benefit of men as well. And the way that women are viewed parallels the manner in which we view the planet. The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm... and both are taken for granted!

*By the way... I, too, grew up with a very sick mother... far sicker than anyone every imagined. I can very much empathize with what you experienced. And much like yourself... I did the same very sane and natural thing... ran away as a kid. Only I didn't get far enough away! It is also necessary to factor in the manner in which boys and girls are raised. I'm going to be posting more about this on my forum in the future because I believe that it is so important for people to really understand the anatomy and subtleties of abuse and how it has a ripple effect from generation to generation if it isn't addressed. This requires a degree of honesty and openness that many are very uncomfortable with. Nevertheless... it is the only way for true healing to take place.

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