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Published: 14 years ago
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Women who think they need the "right" to vote, haven't thought it through. That's because they're more emotional, than rational. Those who don't believe it, ask a chinese, an arab, an african (not an "african american", rather, a REAL african), a european, and even an american woman. The honest ones with good hearts admit it and are proud of the diversity in essence (their feminine traits) conferred to men and women by God, and they don't lie, deny, or try to fight against nature, which, for those who do fight nature, it leaves them lonely.

With the right to vote, comes receiving of civil rights, from government. It also means that one must work in order to be eligible to receive a benefit under the national trust. Women get to vote, but those who haven't thought it out, have traded a position of privilege in the Western world that was a far higher position than women anywhere. In so doing, they've aided and abeted the enemy by helping them take down our system. One must admit, our enemy is very coy, using our own women against us. We set up our gov to insulate women. They were the most protected of all. Had to be that way, because we loved them.

But it's also Darwinian, because the dumb women don't get good men, and won't have good babies, but will rather spawn useless trash (in genereal, but there are always exceptions) that can never amount to anything because the parents are of the type that want to stuff orifices more than they want to devote themselves to jack and jill. Ever notice that the kids that "women's libbers" have (usually adopted, since no sane man would ever do the act with such types) nearly always turn out neurotic ? They get it from their parent.

Civil rights are probably ok, for women who can't find a man, or who don't really like men. That's ok too, nature does make errors, especially when people are injected with mercury in vaccines, fluoridated in their water etc., you get more freaks in society when you poison the people from a young age, and its only equitable that the resulting freaks should have civil rights too.


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