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There is no "debate" with these people.
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Published: 14 years ago

There is no "debate" with these people.

Jim Humble identifies himself, indicates where he is coming from, indicates what he has done, indicates the results he has seen and experienced, and I see no reason for him to lie about it. On the other hand, I have no use for Adam Abrams - he seems to be on the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement bandwagon to make money

MMS is most effective against anaerobic organisms that tend to be gram negative. If you increase the oxygen tension, anaerobic organisms can not survive. The Clostridium spp. are anaerobic - e.g. tetanus and botulism. Did you not know that most cancer cells are anaerobic. An anaerobic cell uses 18 times more energy for metabolism than a normal aerobic cell. This is the basis for the PET scan. Cancer cells are hogs for glucose because they are so inefficient in oxidative metabolism. When you increase the oxygen tension with peroxide (IAA) or chlorine dioxide the cancer cell can not maintain the anaerobic state and apoptosis occurs - they die!
The limiting factor for effectiveness of IAA is a catylase (peroxidase), but chlorine dioxide is not affected by peroxidase and effectiveness is not limited.

The critics are right in one respect though. Dosage is important - and is indicated by Humble - as dosage increases other organisms (perhaps some aerobic) are susceptible to the increased oxygen tension and they are also killed. Apparently the bad organisms are killed in preference to the good organisms - and I can not tell you why if they are both aerobic. It may have to do with the tissue reaction. I will be interested in hearing more about the effect on the flesh eating bacteria - it should be a good effect.

Somehow, it sounds like a woman's criticism to me. The limiting factor for Miracle-Mineral-Supplement to me would be the chlorine taste and smell - but you seem to have eliminated that with your dosing tube apparatus! I think most people would gag at the thought of swallowing a tube though. If it becomes a problem I'll consider it further.

When you hear about people getting really sick or dying let me know. My brother indicated some guy claims that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement caused a stroke because it dislodged a cholesterol plaque in his blood vessels. But, it doesn't work that way - calcium and cholesterol are removed a molecule at a time, not by chipping away plaque. My cancer continues to disappear, that's proof enough for me - and the smell and taste don't seem bad at all.

Take care,

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