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Raw Vegan Problems
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Published: 14 years ago

Raw Vegan Problems

I have been 'raw vegan' for two years or so now, and have noticed my skin improve and my stools become frequent. However, as time has passed I have noticed that I feel weak almost all of the time, sometimes so weak and tired that I have no real will to do anything, and I am now so very thin that almost everyone comments upon, or worries about it. I know within myself that I am way too thin, and this obviously cannot be deemed healthy.

Also, my strength has decreased, and I have problems lifting things that not so long ago could be lifted with ease. Then there is the fact that my teeth appear to be collapsing in front of my very eyes - enamel vanishing from my front teeth, and two molars have developed holes and all but broken away.

Now, I am well aware of 'detox' etc, but this is becoming ridiculous. My physical problems are now coupled with emotional problems; for instance, I cannot help but feel totally disassociated with the rest of the world. I cannot connect with anyone on any level, and again have no will to do so. This is affecting my job (which I view as pointless and pathetic) and my family/friend interaction. I simply no longer wish to be around people, and this, no doubt, is due to my physical and emotional state.

Furthermore, only a few days ago did my sister contract some form of 'bug' which made her feel nauseas and weak for a day, before feeling better the next. The very next morning, I woke shivering and sweating, have experienced loads of diarrhoea, and last night woke and vomitted uncontrollable all over my bed. Today I feel so weak and pathetic that I cannot stand up even to brush my teeth as I am in danger of blacking out.

It seems odd to me that the 'raw vegan' diet is supposedly the most healthy way to live, but alas recently it seems to be slowly destroying me. I feel utterly deficient in so many ways, and have been craving like crazy eggs and salmon, even though all that I have read says NO, NO, NO!

I have never felt so weak, tired, and miserable in all my days, and I do not believe a 28 year old, intelligent, passionate (at least once passionate) individual should feel this way for even a second of his or her existence.

So, I come to the good people of CureZone looking for advice. I would truly love to hear from you, as I am only a few moments a way from devouring a huge omelette, something I know I will regret!

My thanks in advance.

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