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Re: Yes & No (& maybe) "yeast food for thought" Re: Red Star Yeast T6635+B-12 not synthetic.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Yes & No (& maybe) "yeast food for thought" Re: Red Star Yeast T6635+B-12 not synthetic.

hopefully i am putting two and two together here, and not getting 3 from your post grz...

Are you implying that the native americans got thier b12 supplimented by eating the bowels of the buffalo? And are you also implying that yeast/bacteria generated b12 in the bowels of the buffalo?

I mean I am not saying that eating meat is good or bad. I really am not in a position to judge... the only thing I have to compare humans to are chimps and bonobos. And they eat a bit of raw meat. But the meat in todays supermarkets is unhealthy (its a fact). There are siberians living long lives on wild reindeer meat and fresh cold water.... there are inuit living long healthy lives on wild seal blubber/meat and seaweed. My great grandfather ate meat his whole life till he was 102... he even dipped his bread in the cow fat after frying the hamberger... he woulda lived longer, but what killed him was the drugs they put him on, so he wouldnt fight the other seniors in the old folks home. That and he was depressed because everyone he knew died... he always used to say god wont let me die. So does eating meat make a person unhealthy... I dont think so. I think its eating lots of bread... and toxic meats and other toxic produce... not to mention over processing.

I guess what I am trying to say is that... can people make thier own b12, if cows do and such. Could it be that anti-biotics/toxic crap in foods destroy the balance/environment in the bowels that allow the b12 producing organisms to propegate? Could it be the digestion process of todays north american is so messed up... that we need to eat meat to get our b12.

I mean people in india that cant afford to eat meat dont suppliment b12... I am beginning to think that a b12 deficiency suggests a problem with the digestive system. Is it right... I dont know. But when I see a group of people with a b12 problem that dont eat meat, and another group without a b12 problem that also dont eat meat... eating meat doesnt seem to be the right indicator.

It also said in the above that vegans in india dont have problems with b12, where as vegan immigrants to england do.

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