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Re: Molybdenum it good or bad for candida?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Molybdenum it good or bad for candida?

Molybdenum is GREAT for Candida! I realize the original message is 5 years old, but given my disappointment at the responses by people who never actually tried it therapeutically, I felt compelled to respond for other users who might be Googling to find help with Candida.

I have multiple health issues caused primarily from Mercury poisoning but which have caused some destruction to many of my vital functions and organs including my digestive tract, adrenals, thyroid, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lymphatic system, vascular system, hypothalamus, pituitary, bone, etc.

I learned about Molybdenum by reading something from Dr. Andrew Cutler who works with people who have been mercury poisoned. I had a bad reaction to high sulfur foods (a garlic and onion soup I made) which I had not experienced in the past, and indicated to me I was getting sicker. I had also been suffering from respiratory infections and hives for several months, again all new to me. I just kept getting sicker. So, I figured I had nothing to lose.

After much searching locally, I found Molybdenum in chelated form from Solgar 150 mcg per tablet. There are higher doses available on the internet and I will likely buy some because it is less expensive in higher dosages. Anyway, I had read molybdenum helps to metabolize sulfur so I first started out with 300 mcg and worked up to 1000 mcg. WOW! Not only did it take care of the "sulfur sickness" I was experiencing, but the brain and thinking problems cleared up and I had a lot more energy after only 3 weeks. I Googled studies on it and read how it clears toxins, particularly from fungal infections which I also suffer from systemically.

The studies showed you have to use it for a few months, so I decided to try 6 months. One bad reaction initially was my hives got worse and I got a rash for about a week. I read this was a common side effect but to stick with it and sure enough, the hives that I had been suffering from for months before the molybdenum cleared up, as did the rash and skin issues. I assume it was a detox reaction and once cleared, the skin responded in kind. Not only that, for the first time in 30 years my Candida had cleared up so much that I no longer had to use my antifungal shampoo! This took at least two months to clear the Candida that much. This is absolutely amazing to me. I cut my dosage down to 450 mcg for maintenance, but increase it when I eat more coppery foods (I like nuts) or more sulfur foods (I love garlic) or when I have even ventured to eat the "bad" foods like occasional white flour, wheat or gluten. It seems that toxins in the air, water or environment in general increase my Candida so I also increase my dosage when exposed to more pollutants.

I have done numerous cleanses, have been on the anti-candida diet for years, take liver support and tried numerous herbs, also take high doses of probiotics and NONE of these have worked for me like Molybdenum. Molybdenum is needed for multiple enzymatic functions. I noticed I need less enzyme supplements since taking it.

I haven't reached the 6-month mark yet, but thus far I have seen these improvements with the only change in my regime being the addition of molybdenum:

*Lessens the toxic load, better liver function
*Helps clearer thinking
*Helped my sleep for a few weeks
*Dramatically helped Candida
*cleared my hives
*helped my cortisol medications work better on a cellular level (I have Addison's disease and my steroids were not working prior to the molybdenum so this is a huge plus)
*Helped my Acne and overall skin

Here is some info on why it works:

"Molybdenum is required by the body to manufacture two important enzymes, Aldehydrogenase and Aldehyde-Oxidase, which allow the liver to neutralize a powerful and otherwise relatively inert toxin (neurotoxin), acetaldehyde. This toxin is a metabolic waste material produced by yeast organisms that accumulates in unhealthy intestinal environments, circulating blood, and other tissues and organs of persons with Candida Albicans infections."

"MOLYBDENUM: Candida floods the system with toxic acetaldehydes as its waste product. Acetaldehydes (also called acetylaldehydes) cannot be excreted from the body and are known to poison tissues -- accumulating in the brain, spinal cord, joints, muscles and tissues and causing weakness, irritation, pain, brain fog, and other symptoms. Molybdenum is required for breaking down acetaldehyde into acetic acid which can then be metabolized or excreted."

"The chief toxic metabolite of alcohol is also acetaldehyde. When the liver's ability to effectively cope with this poison is restored, the cumulative damage, which has resulted from its presence in our tissues, can begin to be healed."

Great article that convinced me to try it for the first time:

This is an interesting study for people who like to look at the chemistry action of what they are taking and it explains things in more scientific detail:

Regarding the copper issue, for most people that is not a concern because most people have too high of copper, not too low. Copper pipes cause copper in the water and when we shower and drink it, it leads to high levels in the body. A lot of our foods have high copper, especially if you eat healthy like nuts and beans. If you have a lot of chemical and other toxin exposure, it tends to make the body hold on to copper which is not good for the tissues. So, to the degree that molybdenum chelates copper, it appears in most people to be a good thing. Also, levels that cause too much copper loss were something like 10 mg which would be 10,000 mcg. That is a very high dose and even if a person did take that much, they could always eat more copper containing foods or supplement with the copper. I would not let fear of chelating too much copper prevent people from trying this wonderful mineral. Of course, like any supplementation, it depends on the individual and it doesn't hurt to get tested after using it a couple of months. Again, don't just try it for a week or two or in too low doses. I really think a minimum of 2 months on at least 500 mcg is needed. I was so sick I saw improvement at the 3-week mark, however, after being on it for a few months I am seeing more and more good things. I needed a higher dose initially and when I started feeling better backed down to 450 mcg.

My one thing I am looking at is if it interferes with iron in any way. I read Andy Cutler saying something about anemia and I am already anemic so I am going to add iron and research if there is any relationship to molybdenum interfering with either iron stores or metabolization (so far, no concrete info on that).

Anyway, that is my story so far and when I reach the 6-month mark I will report back. Read the links provided if you are on the fence about trying it.

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