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Woo Hoo day 7 of my water fast!
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Published: 13 years ago

Woo Hoo day 7 of my water fast!

I am doing well. I feel much better then yesterday. Working two jobs really wore me out that day.

I have been feeling very cold lately so last night I sleep with my electric blanket set on low, which warmed my body just great and I sleep like a baby. I know that at some time I will have sleepless nights due to my liver being active but not yet. LOL

I weighed myself and I weight now 123 pounds now. I lost another 3 pounds. I have to be careful since I am small to begin with. I don't want to lose too much weight. I know from my last fast, I will peak at about 115 or 110 which was my original size when I was younger before fast food and horrible eating took over when I was in college. LOL

My face seems to be getting thinner and my fingers as well. I can't tell with my feet because my shoes are already roomy to begin with. I will have to try on a different pair of shoes to find out for sure. I think my arms and legs look thinner, but I am not sure yet. I also have noticed, but I could be wrong about it. But my finger nails seem longer. It might just be that I haven't been paying attention to them since I am not biting them any longer. LOL.

I noticed only two blemishes so far on my body, which is good but not on my back. My back is still very clear. I am trying to figure out when the blemishes started on my back the last time I was fasting. I think it was day 12. I just hope that it doesn't get bad again. It isn't fun to deal with.

I still have a bit of sinus draining but not as heavily as yesterday and I can smell so much better. It is so wonderful. I was walking to the Courthouse to run an errun for the office and I could smell something like grilled onions and meat like roast beef. There is a resturant nearby, but I didn't think that a scent would carry that far for me to smell. It smelled wonderful. Just smelling it was a feast in itself!

My tongue is still coated but I don't have the sour stomach that I had alot of yesterday. I used a Ketone strip this morning and it was colored as being high in ketones. I have noticed from previous fasts, that if my ketones get too high, I feel ill and I need to drink more water to flush them out. I didn't drink a lot of water yesterday. I probably just drank about 50 or 60 oz at the most. I have drank about 40 oz so far today. I am not particularly thristy, but if I feel a bit ill, I drink a little bit and I feel better.

I was really feeling weak yesterday from working both of my jobs. It was hard not to just sit down at times. When I got home, just siting down was lovely. I was walking up 4 flights of stairs and at each one, I hesitated to do it. It was really winding me out. On the way down, I took the elevator, which I dislike, but I dont' think I could take another bout of that in one day. Other then that, my energy has picked up some and it comes and goes at times. I just have to take it easy. I have had no dizziness which is good.

I was feeling very depressed yesterday, which is unsually when I fast. Usually I feel very bouant and happy. I had a bad day at work so it might have triggered the deep feelings of depression. I am feeling better today and I was smiling and laughing a bit.

Person B has noticed that I am not my bubbly self and racing with excitement about things like I do at times and I seem very subdued in manner. Fasting always tones down my personality at times, especially the excitement for life and living part. I actually feel very boring right now. Well of course, I can't tell him about fasting. I told him I might tell him later on. He is a born again Christian like I am so he might understand the reason's why. I just told him it is because God is humbling me and God and I are working togther about somethings. He told me he liked it too, he just missed my bubbly self as well. He always tells me that I am so full of life and it just amazes him how much joy he gets out of just being around me. He is really sweet.

I did a lot of praying today and yesterday. I asked God to open me up so that He might work through me and guide me more. I am still freting about Person A alot. and I am just happy where things are going with Person B. I just don't trust myself with making a decision. I want to do what God has planned for me. I want to say that God really wants me to go walk with Person B. I feel it but yet I still hesitate. Man, am I stubborn. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. Of course, know that and how I am trying so hard to release control of it all and let Him take over.

I thought about my father yesterday when I saw a young man playing with his young daughter that looked like she was 3 years old. It was so wonderful to watch them play and interact. It was such a blessing to see. It was very heart wrenching for me in several ways even though I enjoyed watching them. First I don't have any children of my own and I can't remember having that kind of interacting with my father. I was more or less pulled out my father's life when I was 7 and just passed from person to person until finally to my mother when I was 11. I grew up not having him around, like my other half siblings. And now it is hard to just get time to have any type of relationship with me. I just miss him so much but it seems that he has forgot about me. Out of sight, out of mind, especially since I am out of state. :o(

I walked 4.67 miles almost my goal, which was 10,100 steps. I was at 90% of my goal!. I was just too tired to push myself to take a walk after work. But it still is nice to know I got that far in a day.

I hope everyone is doing well on their fasts. Keep it up. You CAN do it. Just think how better you and your body will feel when it is all over. You will be starting a new life style!


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