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Breast & Wombs-What I've learned!
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Published: 15 years ago
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Breast & Wombs-What I've learned!

This may be a case of Agree to Disagree here when it comes down to "My Experience vs. Others Experience" or Study, but I am going to just share my information and you decide for yourself.

So after 15 pregnancies where "only one" came to term, I get pregant the first part of December. I get pregnant with multiples (quads, triplets, twins) due to ovulation occuring twice per month. Note: After starting Lugol's in the summer last year, I started finding that the symptoms of peri-menopause was decreasing and having not ovulated in several months, suddenly ovulated in December. This was beautiful ovulation and it took me by surprise. What I mean by beautiful is that there was a nice super long ovulation discharge. The longest one that I have ever visualy experienced. So after 22 weeks I delivered stillborn with what is called True Knot. I really want to give more information about my genetic makeup but I think only a handful would understand the scope of it, but it also plays a factor in this outcome. I went to jcrows and read about the these cattles and iodine.

In a herd troubled with abortions-evidence of the work of the Bru celia abortus microorganism which grows on an alkaline medium and causes contagious abortion in cattle called Bang's disease, or brucellosis-abortions promptly stopped when each feeding ration received a supplemental three drops of Lugol's solution of Iodine to each two ounces of the apple cider vinegar.

This makes me wonder if a bacteria is involved in miscarriage. I was treated for H.Pylori bacteria after the birth of my daughter. Plus! The nurse came in and told me that stillbirth is on the rise in their hospital and they don't know why but they have seen it almost double. I've searched the internet and tried to find any research stating that stillbirth is on the rise in America. NOthing! I can state that when it came to the decision of what to do with my childs remains they tried to get me to send him to pathology for testing and they had put it in the computer that I was only 15 weeks pregnant, a date which came after my first ultrasound. (no I did not get pregnant again, as my husband is gone doing a contract job for 6 months.) I was furious! See, if they can back date a pregnancy before 20 weeks the hospital does not have to report it to the state as a stillbirth, and a death or birth certificate does not need to be created. Employee time is cut down by more then half at the computer this way. The problem lies in the fact that this also protects the doctor in some cases, but does not give our country or it's citizens the information of knowing that there is a rise in stillbirths. I wonder what is causing this rise in stillbirth and you know for the nurse to have repeated it, that it has been a topic of debate in the hospital

Then my milk came in and I was pumping 36 ounces per day for donation and relief. Huge supply. When it came time to dry up nothing worked for me. The sage is for the birds. It just caused menstruation symptoms and reduction by only about 10%. The cabbage leaves against my breast made them feel like they were rotting off my chest. Three heads of cabbage later (which contain sulfa) and I can say that alternative is nonsense! So I started back on my Iodine detox and Bang! my milk production goes up even more. I pumped 42 ounces one day and just over midnight added another 6 ounces to that amount. So I went searching again and found more info at Jcrows (starting to sound like a plug but I can't find any other information out there!).

The same remedy can be applied to cattle, in a somewhat different way than I have already described in the treatment of mastitis, although in the example I have in mind the reason fro administering it was the same. My farmer friend called me one day to inform me that four of his best cows were sick with acute mastitis of their udders. The veterinarian had been using the bacteriological approach, employing the sulfa drugs, but without success. He had just left the barn, said the farmer, telling him that the cows were going to die. Could I save them?

I told him that attacking bacteria as a solution to medical problems had not always proved successful, as far as I was concerned, and I recommended that we try Vermont folk medicine, seeking to release the energy expending mechanism from its continued activity.

My plan was to change the physiology and chemistry of each cow's body by giving her morning , noon, and night a "blood wash" as folk medicine expresses it. We would give each cow by mouth from a bottle four ounces of apple cider vinegar, four ounces of water, and a teaspoonful of Lugol's solution, all mixed together.

Before the treatment was applied these cows were running temperatures as high as 107 degrees. After it was given, the fever began to drop at once, and by the end of the week all four had recovered from their sickness. Three of the cows returned to milk production. The fourth did not produce milk until her next calf was born and a new lactation period was started.

Did you see that the sulfa did not help the cows either. I think the Iodine cleaned infection and bacteria out of my mammary glands and as with the cows above "changed the physiology and chemistry" of my body. Iodine is higher in breast milk then what is recommended for babies by the RDA. Look at my last post below and you will see there is a link there where someone replied.

So then I remember that while I was in Germany at a spa, my husband ordered a sinus treatment for me and I was surprised that the lady performed it on my breast. She said that the breast are one big sinus cavity! Then I read on a discussion board that a woman tried a decongestant and it dried up her milk within 3 days. Bingo! that's it! The breast might be a sinus cavity! So I try an otc decongestant and milk reduces by 25% over night but that stuff knocks me out! So I get some stuff on Saturday called ClearLungs. This is a Chinese herbal formula and does not cause drosiness. Fearfully I took it because I was desperate. Bingo! I didn't even feel anything from it, but my milk reduced by 50% the next day! I've now gone 14 hours without expressing and feel like I need to soon, but I am only expressing a total 3 ounces, to gain relief now instead of the 42 ounces.

Conclusion- I think the iodine is needed to cut down the amount of bacteria in the breast. We always think of probiotics for the stomach but we don't think of them for the breast. Maybe they never reach the breast and that is why iodine is needed?
If iodine can cut down the bacteria and infection in the gland then it would also help the lymp system. If the "Bru celia abortus microorganism" can cause miscarrage in cattle then what microorganism causes miscarriage in humans? There has to be one!

When women find out I've had so many miscarriages or stillbirths they say, "it must have been meant to be!" What stupid exceptance! I want to say..."Don't except that as a truth! Investigate as to what causes these things to happen!" More women need to study the nitty gritty of the female body so that they can better understand it. Same goes for men! I am so happy to see that Trapper and Vulcanel give us personal information on what iodine has done for their stuff. It's information my husband or brothers can use.

That's "My True" experience! Glean from it what you desire! For now, I am going to start iodine again and see what happens. My milk production may increase again. I will keep you posted either way. Until then! HH

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