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MMS for tooth infections? Danger to Thyroid?
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Published: 12 years ago

MMS for tooth infections? Danger to Thyroid?

- I got Miracle-Mineral-Supplement last October and tried it for tooth infections, after previously trying oil pulling with coconut oil since March last year. The oil pulling ended my tooth aches for all that time, but then it seemed to stop working in Sept. So I switched to Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and that worked great. I had some diarrhea and vomiting a couple of times when I got up to ten drops twice a day, or so. After a few of weeks of use, going up to 15 drops 3 times a day for a while, I seemed to be much improved. The tooth aches ended and so did my weekly headaches and frequent right neck and shoulder pains. Tooth infections are said to lead to systemic infections, and it appears that my neck and shoulder area were infected. Tooth aches would tend to start to come back every month or so, since I started Miracle-Mineral-Supplement use, and I'd take a little more MMS and they'd leave again pretty quickly. I'd only take the MMS when I experienced re-occurrence of such pains. Neck/shoulder pain hasn't come back much at all. Headaches have come back maybe every 2 or 3 months and go away quickly after MMS. My assumption has been that harmful bacteria can recolonize tubules in teeth and jawbones, because they're always coming in with our food. I guess the tubules can be sealed off to such bacteria after healing enough.
- A few days ago my right lower jaw got pretty sore. The MMS reduced the pain, but not completely as before. This lasted 3 days with frequent moderate pain, not severe. Hopefully, that was a healing crisis. I guess I'll find out after some time.
- A few months ago I was getting very dry mouth at night in bed mainly, which I thought might be from MMS, so I looked on the net for possible cures for that. Someone said just to drink more water. So I did and that helped quite a bit.
- I've also had fatigue for over a month, but that may be from my diet change. I haven't heard if MMS produces fatigue over time. Has anyone else heard?
- I don't know of anything else that cures tooth infections, besides MMS, so I feel that I need it. But I'm a bit concerned about the possibility that chlorine gas may form from the sodium chlorite and enter my blood stream. Dr. Bruce West said low metabolism, common in the U.S. population, is due largely to poor thyroid fundtion, due to exposure to chlorine and or fluoride in drinking water, canned foods and beverages, toothpaste, bleached flour and anything containing these. Dr. Hal Huggins also said methyl-mercury is produced by Amalgam fillings and other sources of ingested mercury, like vaccines, polluted fish etc, acted on by streptococcus bacteria. He said methyl-mercury attaches both to hemoglobin, causing starvation for oxygen, and to thyroid hormones, causing low metabolism. I've long had low blood pressure and low body temperature, results of low metabolism.
- I want my thyroid gland to heal, so I can have normal metabolism. I'd like to know if chlorine from MMS does harm the thyroid. I'm likely to keep using MMS, if my tooth aches continue to come back, etc, and if I don't find anything better. I'd certainly take MMS for serious infections, like malaria or AIDS. If there is chlorine damage to the thyroid from MMS, I'd like to know and find an alternative or a happy medium.

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