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This Needs To Be Addressed!!!
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Published: 14 years ago
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This Needs To Be Addressed!!!

The following three posts are a few examples of how destructive this poster can be. In the first post listed... she is giving inaccurate information regarding self-gratification and then rapidly escalated into an attack of the original poster with the frenzy of a witch hunt! In the second post... she is giving inaccurate information regarding suicidal behavior that is potentially lethally dangerous! And in the third post... she has gone back into the poster's history, located a vulnerability and then used it against them like a school yard bully to run them off the playground!

She has already stated her opposition to anything related to psychology... and yet she's using it as a weapon against people! In NO way is this supportive or conducive to anything regarding health... and I have repeatedly indicated as such by clicking on 'Alert Bad Message'! Each time I have done this... no action was taken by yourself or anyone on the CureZone Team. Prior to her most recent post regarding me that I included in my previous message... she had posted a couple of these same sorts of vicious posts about me. After alerting on the posts and seeing that once again nothing was being done about this... I executed my former moderator privileges and took care of them myself. This is not something that I should have to do... but WILL do if it isn't taken care of!

Re: frequent self-gratification by gilda 6 days 147 3
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3. Sex
Subject: Re: frequent self-gratification
Username: gilda contact gilda
Date: 7/11/2008 1:17:56 PM ( 6 days ago )
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Wow, might be right about the molestation issue. It's been my understanding that children don't often play with genitalia before adolescence when hormones kick in...unless someone has taught them to make "privates' a focus.

I would definitely look into that possibility. However, if it turns out to be completely innocent, just impart the "privacy" time activity philosophy, which you seem to have done.

But I'd be VERY worried until a doctor checks her for abuse.

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Re: Dealing with an ex... by gilda 14 days 61
Subject: Re: Dealing with an ex...
Username: gilda contact gilda
Date: 6/23/2008 11:34:21 AM ( 24 days ago )
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It seems the ex has ALOT of issues so you are a good friend to encourage her to get help. However, I wouldn't hold out hope she will ever become "normal" enough to have a "normal" relationship with you; if she does, great, but don't set yourself up for disappointment as her problems seem extensive. And the suicidal threats are often a form of manipulation, so try to be supportive but distant emotionally as no one can save her but herself.

In the meantime, have you had any dates, relationships? Are you perhaps hanging on to a hope in the last 2 plus years? This type can keep you spinning with her own hang-ups, so I'd make an effort to move on.

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Dear Miss College-educated "mind" by gilda 54 days 97 42
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Subject: Dear Miss College-educated "mind"
Username: gilda contact gilda
Date: 5/14/2008 11:29:21 AM ( 64 days ago )
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"My defense stance comes from an college educated mind" My mind is college-educated, too. And obviously much more observant than yours! And it can READ, too. I would never make the mistake of making accusations without being fully knowledgable about the subject matter. Obviously YOUR college-educated mind isn't competent or capable enough to actually read, analyze, and comment intelligently. Apparently your degree isn't indicative of anything. Certainly not rational thought.

"its so easy to attack someone from behind a computer screen" EXACTLY what you did without intelligent thought or backing up your assertions.

"I came across your post and couldn't believe how unintelligent it was" EXACTLY my reaction to your post! Still, so easy to insult behind your computer screen without back-up, huh? You're guilty of it.

Yet, won't admit YOUR obvious connection to the "industry". Won't address YOUR morbid obesity! I can see why you're must have spent the last 5-10 years agonizing over your weight, probably crying on the shoulder of a "mental health" therapist about the root = your low self-esteem. Yet, according to the psych-sappers, we ALL have low self we aren't we all fat?

Honey, when your fat is obliterated by "self-esteem", let me know and I'll take your comments more seriously! Seriously, show me ANY proof psych analysis works. As it is, you're just going around in circles with no relief in sight.

I wish you enlightenment.

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