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Successful 1st liver cleanse while on MC!!!
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Published: 19 years ago
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Successful 1st liver cleanse while on MC!!!

Hi all! I just did my very first Liver Flush on the 8th day of my first Master-Cleanse fast...and it worked!! yay!

For those of you who would like the details (I know I would) here they are:

On the morning of my 8th day on the Master-Cleanse with Bentonite and psyllium I had some freshly juiced carrot juice, then graduated to the more flavourful carrot, apple, beet & ginger juice. I just wanted to make sure that my body had dealt with something other than lemonade before it had to deal with the olive oil and grapefruit juice. From 4pm on I only had a few sips of water, to keep me hydrated. After 7pm I didn't have any more water. At 9pm I had a cup of organic apple juice. At 11pm I had a cup of AJ mixed with 3/4 tsp Epsom Salts (I've had problems with ES in the past). At 1am I shook up the 1/2 cup of olive oil with almost a cup of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit...and wow, was I surprised!, like Kathy Denver, below, I found it quite tasty! Like...the fragrant olive groves of Italy mixed with yummy sweet sunshine! It was frothy too. Anyway, I lay down right away and slept soundly until 6:25am at which point I woke up feeling a wee bit nauseous (interestingly, I just checked the sunrise in Victoria, B.C. and it was 6:23am! plus 6:30am is the active time of the Large Intestine in TCM! See or The nausea passed in half an hour and I went back to sleep. Then I awoke at 10am and had another cup of AJ and 3/4 tsp of Epsom Salts . Within an hour I had two very different eliminations. The first was the usual mucoid rope that I've been passing since Day3 of the Master-Cleanse with b/ps. The second had liver stones floating in it!!! yay!! I was really so excited to see them. Around 100 I think. (I have a feeling I will pass more within a few hours, though) My largest was about 8 or 9mm. Most were pea size. They were golden coloured on the outside and brightjewel green gel on the inside. hmmmm! The fecal matter that came out was very intriguing as well...I'd never had this before: Marbled green/black stuff that probably measured about 1 1/2 cups...held together and some in 'ropes'. I wonder where that is from?? Now I'm just recovering by drinking more lemonade and Bentonite and psyllium. I feel great!

Hope these details help the first-timers! The regime I'm on just feels fantastic...more energy, clear head, a couple days spent clearing out old emotional stuff as well, my eyes don't feel tired in the late afternoon anymore, I feel light, but not floaty....clear and clean! I recommend this to everyone!!!


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