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Re: Here's a Remedy for You - "Oleander Soup"!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Here's a Remedy for You - "Oleander Soup"!

Chemo is just evil - it poisons the entire body in a race to kill the cancer before it kills the patients. Most chemo patients die not from cancer, but from the effects of their chemo and most often they die from liver failure.  Your brother already has a damaged and impaired liver and the only solution mainstream medicine has is to further damage it?  Barbaric and outrageous!  But that is all they have been taught and that is all that is profitable (fully 75% of an oncologists income comes from hugely marking up and reselling chemo drugs).


Modern Medicine versus Nature in Treating Cancer

What your brother needs is an overall protocol to protect and regenerate his liver while defeating the cancer - and not merely extend his life a bit longer, but enable him to enjoy a full healthy lifespan.  Mainstream medicine, which only knows to try to cut out, poison out or burn out the symptoms of cancer, has no such protocol.

Here is one that does:

A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol

The key product may well be the Sutherlandia OPC, which comes in capsules - but the more of the protocol he can do, the better. So far, the OPC has had over 90% success against a broad range of cancers, including late stage ones and ones where chemo has already been used.  The noted site rates the centerpiece of the above protocol as a Stage IV cancer treatment - their highest rating.

Since your brother has the damaged liver and since any successful cancer fighting protocol is going to result in the release of toxiins that will increase the stress on an already impaired liver, it is imperative that he take additional steps to make sure the bile ducts are open and flowing and to help his liver become more healthy.  My suggestions:

  • Coffee enemas - open the bile ducts
  • Coconut oil - helps keep the bile ducts open and flowing, and is a very healthy addition to any diet with many benefits
  • Milk Thistle - helps protect the liver and actually helps it regenerate.  One of the three antioxidants in the Berkson Study.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - one of the three antioxidats used in the Berkson Clinical Study to save "doomed" livers
  • Selenium - the third antioxidant used in the Berkson Study
  • Turmeric - a powerful cancer fighter and helps regulate bile flow
  • Lecithin with choline - helps the liver eliminate toxins
  • Beetroot Juice (mix with apple juice for taste) - Wonderful for the liver and fights cancer as well

It is important to note that the liver can be damaged all the way down to 28% and still regenerate itself 100% - but there is a point of no return and the last thing your brother needs is further damage.

I will state, reluctantly, that if your brother insists on having chemo, the oleander in the OPC helps potentiate the chemo and increase survival rates and it also either eliminates or greatly lessons all known side effects of chemo (the one exception, unfortunately, is that it does not stop hair loss when the chemo drug of choice is Cisplatin).

I invite you and your brother to join my Yahoo Health Group Oleandersoup to learn more about oleander and beating cancer.

DQ (Tony Isaacs)


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