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7, drink wheat grass (edited to add more)
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Published: 13 years ago
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7, drink wheat grass (edited to add more)

7, drink wheat grass (may also substitute barley grass or alfalfa grass) grow it, search online or read book wheat grass


wheat grass and these other grasses have cured a multiple of ills. work up from one ounce. Too much can make you sick. some people mix it with carrot or apple juice to improve taste and you will need a wheat grass juicer as it will break a blender, but in a pinch, cut the grass to 1/2 lengths and blend with some water and drink it if you can't find/afford a wheat grass juicer..a coffee grinder may also work as it looks similar to a wheat grass juicer.

EDIT--someone asked a question about wheat grass after number 15 and this is a copy of what I replied there in regards to wheat grass

You should take the grasses fresh in the form of juice. You will need a wheat grass juicer (electric or manual) to get the juice out of the grass.

Grow your own by getting wheat (preferably organic) in he whole wheat form at say a heath food store. Search online for how to grow it.

If you cannot afford a juicer, I must tell you it will break a blender, but I think it you cut the grass into one inch pieces or so and added some water, blended a while and strained and drank you would get some benefit.

One can also chew it but this takes hours I heard and is a little tough on the jaws, but even little amounts are helpful

You may substitute fresh barley grass juice or even alfalfa..all are superb.

In addition to growing some big farmer's markets that are upscale ish have health sections sometimes or health food stores often sell it in their juice bars(wild oats even though it is under name whole foods now does sell it and so does whole foods. You can add additional supplements to it at whole food/wild oats. It is expensive though about 2 or 3 dollars an ounce. Smaller stores sometimes have it frozen.
Making it yourself is cheap once you get the juicer. Try to find it at the health food store in the sprouting seeds section but in a pinch use the bulk or packaged but it may not sprout well if not fresh.

One can benefit by using dried barley or wheat grass but not as much. You could mix it with water or use. I did this before.

The fresh juice heps many illnesses and it is potent so ease into it limiting to about 1 oz for a while and then test slightly higher amounts. I am not sure but I think about 8 oz is the max but searching online may prove me wrong,.

Both wheat and barley grass our excellent and easy to grow.

Just use the whole not cracked wheat to grow it and the whole barley groats (not the pearl in grocery store)..use a seed store or health food store and if it is too old it may not sprout.

I just sprout t and when it is a few inches, I plant it in dirt, (food grade hydrogen peroxide will stop mold--do not use the kind at the store but only the 35% solution diluted for this)

they do sell wheat grass sprouter which help out but it is usually pretty easy to grow yourself. Just read on line and get a sprouter. I like and use he easy sprout sprouter. You can even grow int inside and if by your bed or living area, it will oxygenate the room like any one does so you get extra benefit.

the manual wheat grass juicer looks like a meat grinder.

Anne Wigmore had an excellent book on it. She went on to operate and open the famous Hippocrates health center and one of her clients eddy mea wrote a book in the 50s --how I cured myself of cancer.. although she is dead mnow, th clinic is still going. the great cookbook dining the the raw (has both raw and cooked delicious recipes) was written buy someone who cooked at her center, Rita someone is the author of this big red book (avaliable oebay/amazxon/health food stores.

Anne's hair turned from grey to black drinking this and taking raw foods and she also healed her gangrene leg using it (see the school of natural healing book by john Christopher for more on other things that saved people from losing limbs when they had gangrene btw)

By drinking the grasses, she was able to survive despite refusing to have her leg removed. It is powerful stuff.

In the incurables program, Dr schulze does have both wheat and barley grass powder (and I think alfalfa) in his superfood as well as the blue green algae spirulina and chlorella


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