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Re: Chronic Baterial Vaginosis-- An article I saw once on the DrCoop website about 5 years ago...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Chronic Baterial Vaginosis-- An article I saw once on the DrCoop website about 5 years ago...

Hi Ginger,
I too have suffered with this crappy stuff for the last 6 years. While I could compensate for it, it never seemed to ever really go away completely. Anyway, a year or so, after it first started, I got busy researching this BV angle too. One day I was running a search on the Dr. coop website and came up with a really interesting article, which I made a copy of for my Doctor (she didn't save it either), but none for me, nor did I save the page either, damn it.

This article was written by one of their staff doctors who had run across a study done in Turkey on women who had chronic BV. What the researchers there discovered was in these women's bodies was a virus that killed friendly bacteria, but didn't hurt the woman at all. The writer noted how odd this was, and wondered why and how a virus would start doing that sort of thing; ie feeding on bacteria but not on the host. Not at all something virus usually do, he said. (Later when I went back to make myself a copy of the article, it was gone. I contacted the site and asked for a archived copy of the article and no one could seem to ever find that article again and of course no one remembered ever seeing such an article. Gee, what a coincidence. I am quite convinced that that doctor was never supposed to write about that but he just didn't know until after it was posted and someone in the know saw it.)

So he speculated that women with this virus of course would then manifest the BV because they didn't have enough good bacteria to fight off the opportunistic infections which caused the BV to 'flare' up. He also noted that most likely men with this virus would be asymtomatic on any sexual level, since they don't have such a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. And of course, I realize, these men would be out spreading this disease around without any idea of what they were carriers of. Of course, they too would be having their friendly bacteria killed, and the man (who had been stationed in turkey during the gulf war and whose condom fell off which is how i caught this crappy thing) has since died of prostrate cancer. I firmly believe that part of that was because of this crappy virus destroying his good bacteria and causing the addition strain on his immune system.

But anyway, I was relieved to find out what was really at the base of it, and started taking supplemental acidophilius immediately, but not any of the ones with the lactobactillius because that was one of 'friendly' bacteria my doctor saw to be overgrowing and causing problems for me.

I have since been treating it as a virual infection with some success, but if I let up on taking supplemental acidopholis again, it will usually re-flare.
I have since developed Lichen Sclerosis which is fungus based problem where the fungus, due to low hormone levels and (probably)low friendly bacteria levels, can get under the skin and really go to town without anything but estrogen/testosterone cream helping via the traditional medical route. I have found that using Colloidal Silver mixed with DMSO actually will get under the skin and stave it off, but probably in part to that damn virus, it never goes completely away. I was doing vaginal rinses with that solution also since the fungus was creeping into the vaginal walls, and just realized that since I did, the BV has pretty much gone away... silver being taken in to the inner walls where that friendly-bacteria-eating virus lives perhaps?

Anyway, after later discovering the New World Order's (NWO) agenda for decreasing the population of this planet by 50%, at the very least, and how thru out history, they have often used illness as a 'weapon' for achieving that goal (remember the small pox infected blankets they gave to the indians?? And aren't they busy trying get this avian flu thing going, eh?), I am no longer surprised by this virus. What better way to make a lot of people (since doctors don't call it any kind of 'disease' just a 'condition' so people keep going around having unprotected sex and spreading the virus willy-nilly) way more vulernable to getting sicker and sicker, weaker and weaker, so not only will the general public have to spend more money on drugs to have to fight off all of the opportunistic infections they will be getting due to the lack of friendly bacteria, (and of course drugs are just another more covert way of killing us more slowly, since the medical industry with Big Pharma at it's head, are so into the NWO) but it will also impoverish the average person while making the rich elite even richer, thereby contributing to the decline and death of the middle class, which has historically been a huge barrier to the NWO's world take over plans.

And for sure this virus also in the long run will help them meet their 50% or more world population reduction because with our immune systems crippled, we won't be able to fight off the next wave of 'plague' they will be sending around. We are only just learning how much our friendly bacteria does to keep us well, but I am quite sure the NWO bunch have known all about that sort of thing for quite some time, and have used that knowledge to get rid of what Henry Kissenger (one of the best known NWO chumps) called the "useless eaters". The medical industry is on Kissinger's side in this. To the top level leadership of those organizations who are most likely NWO themselves, we are just cattle to exploited and killed at their whim. They don't lose any sleep at nite over human suffering, trust me.

So, you might want to consider the implications of such a virus, and the possiblitiy that you may have it. And you might want to consider trying that Colloidal Silver /DMSO rinse, vaginally. Doesn't take much. Anyway, I thought you might want to know about that virus, which you may not have, but might be part of what is the problem for a lot of women with this chronic BV crap.

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