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Re: Gull Island buzz: 200 years of oil from Alaska’s North Slope?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Gull Island buzz: 200 years of oil from Alaska’s North Slope?

Consider this one of those impromptu passages that were often used as a transition between acts on the old SNL show. It wasn't a skit, per se, but was a gay voice over (happy gay, not to be confused with the modern vernacular) that narrated the segment while fruity music played in the background and a video, on film, also fruity, played on the screen. It sticks in my mind this was an Al Franken invention titled "deep moments....some things that I think I think" or something like that.

One of the things I think is about how all the players in this energy market have been sucking this so-called fossil fuel out of the same oval sphere we know as the earth. Granted, it's a relatively big sphere. Playing in the background of my mind is the idea of how movers & shakers of the world got to be where they are. Many of them are skilled in methods of planting their flags and signs here and there around the earth, "mine!", "this is my stuff", "my property, keep out, violators will be prosecuted". Back in the olden days this kind of moving & shaking was largely done for matters involving tangible stuff, like, ground, land, and the resources found therein be they on the surface or below. It would be many years before the FCC realized reason to carve up and auction off portions of the air spaces existing above the surface. In more recent years, the trend of global movers and shakers has sort of run out of tangible assets to debauch. Hence the steady growth in recent years for effectively going about planting their flags and signs on make-believe types of property "intellectual rights" to intangible things, like words, thoughts, sentences and the like. The point being, this world clearly has a large crop of movers and shakers stuck on wanting to be sure that the world knows which stuff they claim to be theres "mine", "private property", "keep out", "patented", "copyrighted" and "trademarked", "violators will be prosecuted". The battle grounds tangible and not certainly applies to the earth's supply of resources, like oil.

On a separate track, there is an old comic / cartoon in my mind from probably 35 years ago give or take, from an issue of the old but popular children's propaganda piece known as Mad Magazine. I say this more in the conventional sense of the word, meaning that this comic book put out a good sized chunk of information on a (weekly, or monthly, I forget now) basis, and there was generally an overall slant to the information as a whole. The cartoon in question was in the back pages and of a single frame. It depicted the scene of a typical gas station with an attendant standing beside a car, the car was beside the familiar three pumps - Regular, Medium, and Hi-test. The person was pumping hi-test into the car. They had a proud smile on their face. The scene also depicted the situation underground directly below. Above ground the pumps appeared to be separate. How else to account for regular cost, medium cost and hi cost? Out of view from the happy customer, underground, under cover, all three pumps were plugged into and fed by the same, single, supply tank; a cleverly patented and disguised ripoff.

For all we know and don't know, maybe this is closer to the truth of all these "oil fields" "owned" and operated under many, distinct, different corporate banners .... Dutch.... British.... Arabian .... even Penn's Oil, and ye old Spirit 'O 76'. Are all of these fields actually separate, distinct and without any earthly connections? Do they possibly spring from a single source deep inside the earth? Who knows, maybe they don't even know? Maybe they do. Maybe they are content to allow each other to advertise their own "fields" without dragging each other through the mud. I've been wondering the same the past few years when it comes to people on well water. The situation might be a bit different out in the country, but where I am is a small town located beside a bigger town. The bigger town mandates muni water. The small town is still allowed to use well water. Everybody is on well water. I have a well. My neighbor 100 feet away on the same side of the street to one side has their well. Same thing with the neighbor to the other side. Same thing with the people on the opposite side of the street. We all go about as though we each have our own well. Do we? Or do each of us merely have our own tap into a common supply of underground water? Just in the couple block radius around my house, there are 75 to 80 houses. It's difficult to imagine there are 75 to 80 separate sources of underground water each neatly located one each right under each house and not connected to those of nearby houses.... or they all of the same vein? Maybe it's different when one field is located way up there in Alaska, another way down in Venezuela, others located way over on the other side of the pond. Then again, the earth is round. The small town I grew up in is named after a spring. Nobody knows for sure where the source is but some rumors from some government agent testing claim it is quite deep and may come from as far away as Lake Erie or farther. Who knows? Who cares?

Something else I've been thinking about as it concerns the notion of "fossil fuels". Recently, for sake of discussion I quoted Wikipedia's assertion that "fossils" are at a minimum 10,000 years old, and often times upwards to 100,000 years old and older. Whether or not this is actually the case, lets pretend that the fossils comprising fossil fuels are at least 10,000 years old. Even though we are told this is the case, and have been told this for many years, even when we are told by other sources accepted as more reputable, does this even make sense? It sticks in my mind that on those occasions where a find is made somewhere in the world, like, a preserved human-like body found while digging in an ice cap, or in a cave, or the like, and the scientific experts eventually announce that they calculate this discovered human body to be 10,000 years old, or 30,000, or something like that. It also sticks in my mind that scientists say they need to go about handling such finds, they say they must exercise great care. For one thing, the found body may be harboring ancient bacteria, and viruses or some kind of old bug for which the modern human body has forgotten how to have immunity against..... so they must be careful in handling so as to avoid spreading or starting some weird, ancient plague. In similar but far less strict fashion, this is part of the reasoning why we are encouraged to cook various of the foods we eat, especially fleshy foods, like meats, fishes, birds.... must cook them at least enough to kill off most of the unfriendly bacteria they harbor so that the human body / immune system can take care of the relatively few remaining unfriendlies....or else we might come down with a bug of various degree, mild or possibly even killer.

Meanwhile, we've been told for years that for years we've been burning AND releasing the left overs "exhaust" into our air spaces of various ancient critters. I wonder, does the FDA have inspectors routinely stationed at oil refineries or commercial gas pumps or at the tail pipes of combustion engines to inspect and insure that there is not a harmful amount of killer bugs being released onto the pubic unawares? Is this why I pay Pendot an extra $45 a year for emission inspection? I wonder, what is the maximum suggested RDA intake of fossils before threats to health arise? I suppose that running old critters through a combustion engine is sort of like cooking critters. Some of whatever bugs/pathogens the fossils were harboring are likely to be disabled "cooked" by the refinement process as well as the heat of combustion; all of them? Well, I suppose if refinement is good at sucking most of the life out of natural food, perhaps it is also good at sucking the life out of killer pathogens swimming in fossilized fuels. Is it possible that any of whatever bugs attached to 10,000 year old, minimum, and older, dead animal beings "fossil fuels" survive the refinement and combustion processes enough to be passed into the common air supply each time we fire up a combustion engine? I distinctly remember that Charles Kettering, long-time executive at General Motors through middle 1900s, was long on record as stating that leaded gasoline did not pose any health risks to humans. What legitimate qualifications did Charles Kettering have for dictating national policies on human health?; none. However, he was fortunate to be qualified to the degree necessary to simultaneously be attached to various other big-time corporate entities including big-time medical institutions willing to produce the studies necessary to back up his claims that were tightly connected to his desires to dictate his and his friends' personal wealth health. Eventually, his claims died a long overdue death and he too a few years later. He got a good extra 20 years of investments out of the deal, but by the time the lead in gasoline, having been combusted by automobile engines, began to fall back to earth and accumulate to the extent that it could be seen with the trained naked eye, to the tune of many, many tons per year, that eventually sounded the end that had become too difficult to keep covered up.....not easy even by establishment standards to convince people to not notice tons of burnt lead falling to and accumulating on the ground...... that eventually got the lead out, literally, from oil industry and their attendant Motown.

Who knows? If there is a reasonable chance that ancient pathogens attached to fossil fuels manage to stay in tact while being sucked out of the earth, refined and then combusted so as to return to the earth .... sort of, by way of the air, maybe this in part accounts for the so-called strange phenoms that modern humanity, holes being eaten out of the ozone due to man's careless handling of carbon gases? Perhaps the ozone needs a vaccination.... ? What about the impact on humans?... yeah, I know, better keep my thoughts to myself, or else the man will soon be forcing a new series of jabs upon humanity.


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