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27 a few changes or additions
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Published: 13 years ago
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27 a few changes or additions

if you read this prior to august 3rd, please reread number 10 as somehow it was a repeat on #12 and not about the beneficial #1 juice, dandelion greens.

sorry for the error.

also I added more information to number one of the numbered steps.

also someone mentioned that if one is on a bunch of medical drugs, urine therapy would reintroduce them back to the body and this could be bad, so until you stop most of your drugs, you might want to keep this in mind.

I personally do not feel taking say one cup would hurt as the amount of potential drugs in this size would not be that great. We drink all kinds of drugs when we drink tap water as it is now known the many drugs people pee out and flush down the toilet are coming through in our water...both pharmaceuticals and street drugs.

see next post for more

Be sure to use the first morning's urine as it is the best, catching it after one starts urinating and stop collecting it before one's stream ends. I read four books on urine therapy and websites and I am very favorably impressed with it's use and successes and I did try it due to the books convincing me it was a very good health practice. I did notice though, immediate cold symptoms when I rarely if ever get colds and other symptoms that made me feel I was having a healing crisis which signified cleaning was taking place.

some practicalities--Remember one needs to get a paper writing tablet and includes in it every recommendation I listed and in the incurables program and then make a schedule when these things needs to be taken like 3 times a day or once a day or 5 times a day or once a week etc. and be sure each item ion my lists is on your schedules spaced out.

making a schedule--Then start this chart on paper at 8 am and put what you do at 8 for instance drink lemonade drink 815 take Kidney tincture 830 take superfood drink 845 deep breathing 9 am hot and cold showers with massage followed by foot reflexology etc till the end of the day 12 midnight, do positive affirmations visualize have chamomile tea and so forth (note this is just an example not a schedule you will write down each things you need to consume or do and then work it into a will probably be doing stuff continually in order to get it all in.. You do not have to get up at 8 just write that as a starting point..and then you start it whenever you wake up and adjust it like if you get up at 1115 then 8 on the chart will correspnd to 8 am on the chart.. is 1115 for you 815 will be 1130 and midnight will be 16 hours from the time you got up which was 1115..

I hope that is understandable.,.if you know you get up at a certain time each day, then just make that time your starting point when make up the schedule to make out a schedule where everything you are needing to do is on that is very full..schulze recommended quitting your job, so you can devote the necessary time to the programs as it is time consuming doing all this.

In addition to this, I recommend a list of each tea or food or juice you need o be taking in and then zeroing this and each day checking each item off your list as you do it or putting hash marks so you do them each the right number of times or working it into the schedule if you do it daily but I am taking about things like dandelion greens, parsley tea, cuke and spinach juice...specifics..... on the chart you might say juice but this will tell you the kinds you want to get in each day and you check to see if you got them all in at the end of the day.

In addition check your supplies and herbs and order or make more so you do not run out.

Also think about situations when you are out and how you might b able to do your program..what minor adjustments might you make

if motivation is hard, you might try a checklist of each thing and try putting a star or sticker by each thing you do..if yo do all the things, then you get a big star.

think of a daily reward that you want..and when you do everything rewards yourself with that object, activity or treat. Think of a bigger reward..and if you do it all week ,give yourself that thing or have someone else make the rewards...if I do it all week, my wife said she will make love or my child and I can play more or we can all go to the beach or something YOU want and would work to get..this is using behavior modification in a good way.

learn to love doing the program and visualize often positive results and healing and try to feel how you might feel if you regained your health..this will put the law of attraction to wok for you


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